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Walmart Opens Its AI Powered Store To The Public
As if Walmart did not already need to compete with Amazon on the digital front, more recently it seemed like Walmart would need to compete on the physical front as well where Amazon started to test out AI-powered grocery stores, where customers could walk in, grab what they want, and walk out without having to deal with cashiers.

Walmart To Add More Robots To Their Stores
It’s hard to deny the impact that online retailers such as Amazon have had on your more traditional brick and mortar retailers. Companies such as Walmart have no doubt been affected, but the company has been working on ways to try and get around this. For example, they have been letting customers place orders and pay online while in their stores.

You Can Shop From Walmart By Giving Voice Commands To Google Assistant
Walmart today announced that it’s making grocery shopping easier for its customers in the United States. The company has teamed up with Google to roll out a new voice ordering feature called Walmart Voice Order. It works with Google Assistant-powered platforms so ordering stuff from Walmart is as easy as giving a voice command to the Assistant.

Walmart Could Be Looking To Launch Their Own Game Streaming Service
Game streaming isn’t new and it has actually been around for years, but improvements have been made to internet speeds and technology since which only serves to make it more viable than before. So much so that Google themselves have gotten into it with the launch of Stadia, and Microsoft has similar plans of their own with xCloud


Walmart Reportedly Planning To Launch Its Own Budget Android Tablet
Amazon has seen considerable success with its low-cost Fire tablets and it appears that Walmart wants in on the action as well. A new report claims that the retailer is planning to launch a cheap Android tablet under its in-house ONN brand. The device will be made by a Chinese supplier and is going to be powered by Android.

Walmart Reportedly Decides Against Creating Netflix Rival
Earlier reports had suggested that Walmart was interested in launching a streaming service of its own. The service would have taken on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime which are already established players in this market. However, a new report claims that Walmart now deems this to be a risky play and has decided against it.

Walmart Will Use Autonomous Vans For Grocery Delivery In Arizona
Walmart has announced that it will now be experimenting with autonomous grocery deliveries in Arizona. It’s doing this in partnership with Udelv, an autonomous vehicle company. The pilot program is going to take place in Surprise, Arizona. Self-driving vans that are custom-made for delivering fresh groceries will be used in this pilot.

Walmart Opens Its First Online Store In Japan With Rakuten
Walmart has announced the launch of its first online store in Japan. It has teamed up with local tech giant Rakuten for this purpose. The first e-commerce store titled Walmart Rakuten Ichiba Store has been opened on the Rakuten Ichiba internet shopping mall. The collaboration combines Walmart’s expertise in delivering U.S. branded products and Rakuten’s dominant position in the online market to bring new shopping experiences to customers in Japan.

Walmart Will Soon Have Autonomous Robots Scrubbing Its Floors
One of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart, will soon be employing the services of autonomous robots for floor scrubbing. It will be sourcing these robot floor scrubbers from San Diego-based artificial intelligence company Brain Corporation. The company’s BrainOS provides these machines with autonomous navigation and data collection capabilities with a cloud-based reporting system.

Walmart Allows Customers To Order And Pay For Online Orders In-Store
Ahead of the upcoming holiday season, Walmart is making it much easier for customers to shop from its online store. It will allow in-store shoppers to order and pay for their online orders in its retail locations. This will help customers complete their purchases even if what they’re looking for isn’t available in the store. It will also enable those without access to payment methods for online purchases to shop […]

Ford And Walmart Working On Autonomous Delivery Service
Ford’s heavily invested in self-driving cars and it’s working with multiple partners to create solutions that will rely on cars that can drive themselves. The company has teamed up with Walmart to explore how self-driving cars can delivery everyday goods such as groceries and supplies. Postmates is a partner in this project as well.

Sam’s Club Goes Cashier-Less With New Location In Texas
Amazon may be popularizing cashier-less stores in the United States but it’s certainly not the only retail giant toying with this idea. Walmart-owned Sam’s Club has now announced a new location in Texas will be its entry into the world of cashier-less stores. The location is being called Sam’s Club Now and according to CEO Jamie Iannone, it’s “very close to opening.”

Walmart Reportedly Wants To Sell Third-Party Video Streaming Subscriptions
There are plenty of video streaming services that you can subscribe on. Amazon has a service called Channels which lets users sign up for these third-party services through the online retail giant. It appears that Walmart, one of Amazon’s biggest rivals in the retail space, is thinking about doing something similar. The company is reportedly launching its own marketplace for third-party video streaming services.

$59 Xiaomi Mi Box S Can Stream 4K
Xiaomi is best known for making affordable devices that punch above their weight in the specs department. That’s the case with the company’s new media streaming box as well. The company has now launched the Mi Box S in the United States. It’s a $59 device that is capable of streaming 4K HDR content.