Being in a wheelchair could prove to be a challenge in getting around places and doing stuff that able-bodied folks take for granted, such as getting stuff from the top shelf at a supermarket. Well, those who have a penchant for adventure can always get up and about in the Action Trackchair, but it still does not solve the issue of reaching high places. With the Tek Robotic Mobilisation Device, things will definitely change – as this standing wheelchair is sure to open up a whole new world of mobility and independence for those who get around in traditional wheelchairs.


The Tek Robotic Mobilisation Device was developed by a team of Turkish scientists, led by Necati Hacikadiroglu. He says, “We’ve developed a device that enables paralysed people to move through narrow passages, sit on a chair like you and I do, use the washrooms that we use, wash their hands and do their own shopping. It provides them with the opportunity to live in places not designed for paralysed people.” Already having undergone clinical trials, it remains to be seen whether it will be approved for sales to the masses. Hopefully it will not cost a bomb by then.

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