Intel’s Honeycomb Glacier Laptop Concept Wants To Turn The Industry On Its Head
Laptops are a dime a dozen and it’s hard for companies to truly stand out. However, at Computex 2019, we saw how ASUS attempted to break the mold with its ZenBook Pro Duo that comes with a 4K secondary screen built right above its keyboard. If you thought that was wild, Intel might have ASUS beat.

Notre Dame Cathedral Reimagined With A Stunning Glass Roof
Last month, a huge fire broke out at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral where some parts of the building was destroyed by the flames. It is now undergoing the process of being rebuilt, thanks to the use of 3D scans which has given the rebuilders some direction on what kind of work needs to be done.

Concept Imagines The MacBook With A Foldable Display
With laptop makers churning out laptop/tablet hybrids, there have been some Apple fans who have called upon the company to do the same. Apple has resisted the idea in the past, but as we have seen with devices like the Apple Pencil, it is not unprecedented for Apple to have a change of heart.

iOS 13 Concept Imagines Mouse Support On The iPad
According to a recent rumor, it was suggested that iOS 13 could bring mouse support to the iPad Pro. Given that the iPad Pro already supports keyboards with its own Smart Keyboard accessory, introducing mouse support seems like a natural evolution in Apple’s quest to make the iPad Pro a bonafide laptop replacement.


Concept Case Turns Your Apple Watch Into An iPod
Apple’s iPod is no more, and that has been the case for several years now. Given that the iPhone and iPad do a more than capable job of storing and playing music, especially with Apple Music, it made sense that Apple would no longer need the iPod. However if you do miss the iPod, then this concept case might be of interest to you.

Mockup Shows What A Gold iPhone X Could Look Like
With the iPhone X, Apple certainly toned down the color options where it is only offered in black or silver. However a recent report has suggested that Apple could be looking to bring gold as a color option to 2018’s iPhone X, which designer Martin Hajek decided to create some mockups as to what a gold iPhone X could look like.

Concept Images Imagine What Apple’s AR Headset Could Look Like
If the rumors are true, Apple could be working on an augmented reality (AR) headset of their own. However what we do know and what we have seen is Apple express a very keen interest in the technology, going as far as incorporating aspects of it into their iPhones. However if Apple were to design and build their own AR headset, what could it look like?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept Shows Off Even Slimmer Bezels
With the iPhone X having been launched, we’re sure many are wondering how Samsung will respond with their next flagship, the Galaxy S9. However some of you guys might have heard that in terms of design, the Galaxy S9 might not differ too greatly from its predecessor, but whether or not that is true remains to be seen.

BMW Envisions A Future Where Electric Bikes Have Dedicated Lanes
While electric and self-driving cars are certainly the future that we are headed towards, let’s not forget that not all of us have the means, luxury, or the necessity to own a car in the first place. For example Singapore has recently announced that they will stop adding new cars to its roads starting next year.

These $40K Skinny Homes Can Fit In A Parking Space
Some of the world’s biggest cities are expanding spaces for pedestrians and housing as they want to reduce the amount of space that cars take up. Helsinki-based design firm Casagrande Laboratory has come up with an idea to properly capitalize on former parking spaces. The design firm has created very skinny homes that can fit inside a parking space. They cost $40,000.

This Table Lamp Only Works When You Put Your Phone In It
Our smartphones are huge distractions and there’s no doubt about that. This is why we can imagine how difficult it must be to study/work at your desk and keep seeing notifications popping up on your display, tempting you to tend to them. However designer Klemens Schillinger might have the answer for you.

Jaguar Unveils A Smart Steering Wheel Powered By AI
Self-driving cars are clearly on their way to becoming the future of transportation. In fact Google had earlier on envisioned what a self-driving car could look like in which it does away with the need for a steering wheel, thus relegating the occupants of the car to that of passenger and not driver.

This Is What iOS 11 Might Look Like On The iPhone 8
According to the iPhone 8 leaked images and renders, one consistent thing we’ve been hearing about is that Apple could be going for a full screen bezel-less display, and that Apple could also be ditching the home button and embed Touch ID into the display of the phone itself. So the question is, how would iOS 11 run on such a device?

Lenovo Unveils A Foldable PC Concept
We know that companies such as Samsung and LG are interested in creating electronic devices with displays that can fold/bend. In fact the rumors are saying that Samsung is actually pretty damn close to launching such a product, but it seems that these companies are alone in their quest for bendable gadgets.