US Army’s New Night Vision Tech Will Let Soldiers Shoot Around Corners

The US Army has been tested advanced night vision technology which will enable soldiers to shoot around corners even when their visibility is impaired on the battlefield. The technology is being put through its final round of user testing before it enters full-rate production and deployment in the field later this year.

Civilian On Observation Ride Accidentally Ejected From Fighter Jet

It takes an intense amount of rigorous training before a pilot is allowed to fly a fighter jet on their own. These are very expensive planes which are also complicated to fly so only the best get the opportunity to do so. Pilots also have to eject sometimes when things go wrong and they’re trained for that eventualities as well. Civilians aren’t, though, so you can imagine the horror of […]

US Marines Successfully Test Disposable Delivery Drones

The idea of using drones for delivery isn’t new, but the US Marines are testing out the idea of using delivery drones that are also disposable, meaning that they can be thrown away after use. In fact more recently the US Marines have successfully tested the idea of using disposable drones which means that it could actually become a part of their operations.

Google Earth Accidentally Reveals Taiwan’s Secret Military Sites

Secret Taiwanese military installations were accidentally revealed online for the world to see following an update for the Google Earth platform. Some of these military sites were revealed through the update which included 3D renditions of Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung. At least one military base which Patriot missiles are reportedly deployed can clearly be seen using Google Earth with no blurring in place to prevent the public from […]


U.S. Army Is Considering Automated AI Weapons

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has the potential to be used for warfare. That’s something the United States Army is looking into. The head of the army’s acquisitions has said allowing artificial intelligence to fully control some weapons systems may be the only way to defeat some enemy weapons.

The UK Has A Bomb Disposal Robot That Provides Haptic Feedback

Robots used to diffuse and dispose of bombs aren’t new and have been used by law enforcement agencies around the world for years. However it seems that over in the UK, the British Army has recently received a handful of bomb disposal robots that come with upgraded features, such as haptic feedback.

Apple In Talks To Transfer US Veterans’ Medical Records Onto iPhone

One of the goals of Apple’s health initiatives is that they want a one-stop location for all your medical data, so that the next time you go to the doctor, you’ll be able to show them all your medical data, including biometrics collected by your wearables such as the Apple Watch which hopefully will give them a better idea of what’s going on with you.

Technician Servicing F-16 Accidentally Blows Up Another F-16

When it comes to servicing weapons and explosives, naturally one needs to be careful around them. Unfortunately accidents can happen, such as in the case of a technician who was serving an F-16 plane at the Florennes Air Base, where he set off the cannon from the plane and blew up another nearby F-16 in the process.

US Marines Can 3D Print Concrete Barracks In 40 Hours

When we think of the construction of buildings, this is usually a process that is seen as taking a while, at least not as far as as makeshift buildings are concerned. However it appears that the US Marines have managed to figure out a way that will allow them to 3D print concrete barracks in as little time as 40 hours.

China’s ‘Laser AK-47’ Can Set Skin On Fire From A Kilometer Away

Laser weapons have long been a fixture in science fiction but recent developments suggest that the technology is actively being developed for military use. According to a new report, China has developed a “laser AK-47” which is capable of setting human skin on fire from a kilometer (0.6 miles) away.

US Army Testing AI That Can Predict When To Repair Vehicles

Just like how we should probably see a doctor when we start to feel that there’s something not right with our bodies, the same can be said for vehicles too. If you hear a weird sound or if the car starts driving a little strange, you’ll want to take it get checked before it becomes an even bigger problem.

Google Reportedly Decides Not To Renew Its Military AI Contract

Recently it was discovered that Google had taken on a military contract in which they would be helping develop AI for use in drones, where it would be used to speed up the analysis of drone footage by classifying images of objects and people. This was very controversial and more than a handful of Google employees resigned in protest, while thousands signed a petition against it.

Google Employees Resigning En Masse In Protest Against Pentagon Contract

Companies take on all kinds of work from time to time which is pretty much how they make money. Government contracts are particularly lucrative, but in the case of Google, it seems that many of its employees do not agree with the company apparently taking on a job by the Pentagon to develop artificial intelligence (AI) for use in drones.

Doctors Grow Ear In Arm For Reconstructive Surgery

There are animals out there who can regenerate certain body parts, and to a certain extent humans also have regenerative features, but not to the extent of regenerating missing limbs. However it seems that doctors have come up with a different approach, which is to try and regrow a missing appendage by transplanting it onto a different part of our body.