If your account got hacked, isn’t that something you’d like to be immediately aware of right away? Unfortunately for Uber, the company is only now disclosing a year later that back in 2016, they experienced a massive data breach that saw 57 million user data stolen by hackers, according to a report from Bloomberg. Read full post →Uber Discloses Massive Data Breach That Occurred In 2016

Back in 2016 and in the early part of 2017, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus appeared to dominate pretty much all of the competition when it came to speed tests, at least until the OnePlus 5 came along and we had a new winner. However with the iPhone X and its new A11 Bionic hexa-core chipset, how does the phone fare? Read full post →OnePlus 5T VS iPhone X In Speed Test

A recent report from Bloomberg has revealed that Apple’s HomePod speakers has actually been in development since 2012, and isn’t necessarily a direct response to Amazon and Google’s own smart speakers. However with the speakers being delayed to 2018, could Apple play catchup? Read full post →Apple Expects To Sell 4 Million HomePods In 2018

Keyloggers are usually tools you might typically associate with hackers trying to steal your credit card information and passwords, but it seems that some of the world’s most popular websites employ the tool, at least that’s according to researchers from Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy. Read full post →Some Of The World’s Most Popular Sites Are Recording Your Keystrokes

About a week ago, Belgian authorities launched an investigation into loot boxes found in video game to determine whether or not such features are considered gambling, and now they are back with their findings and according to VTM News (machine translation; via PC Gamer), the country’s Gaming Commission has announced that it is considered as gambling. Read full post →Belgian Authorities Calls Loot Boxes Gambling, Wants Them Banned

With self-driving cars looking to become the future in which how we are ferried from one location to another, it also means a potential boost in productivity, where instead of focusing on driving, people can focus on work, replying to emails, finishing up a presentation, all while being driven to their destination. Read full post →Uber Wants To Fix Motion Sickness In Self-Driving Cars

Last month Instagram announced a new feature in which it allowed users to invite their friends to join them on their Instagram Live video. However the invite only went one way, meaning that you could invite a friend, but they couldn’t make a request to join you, but that has changed as Instagram has since enabled the feature. Read full post →You Can Now Request To Join A Friend’s Instagram Live

When Apple announced the HomePod at WWDC earlier this year, it felt like a “me too” moment in response to Amazon launching the Echo series of speakers, and Google launching the Google Home. However a recent report from Bloomberg has suggested that the HomePod is actually something that Apple has been working on since 2012. Read full post →Apple’s HomePod Has Been In Development Since 2012

Imagine your house has a light switch that you can turn on and off, and on the surface it appears to work. However secretly even when your switch is set to off, it is secretly on anyway and racking up a huge electricity bill for you. That’s pretty much what is happening for Android users right now with Location Services. Read full post →Google Collecting Location Data Even Location Services Is Disabled

The problem with Android is timely updates, where unless you own a Pixel handset, chances are you’ll have to wait months before the next major update finds its way onto your phone, and for those who own devices that are 2-3 years old, there might even be a chance that your OEM could skip on updating your device to the latest version of Android. Read full post →Current OnePlus Devices Won’t Support Google’s Project Treble