For those who use Microsoft’s Windows platform, you’re probably familiar with the Windows Defender software which is Microsoft’s own way of protecting Windows users at an OS level without the need for additional software. The good news is that it looks like Windows Defender will now also be available as a Google Chrome extension. Read full post →Microsoft’s Windows Defender Now Available As A Chrome Extension

Image credit – The Verge

Earlier this year Intel announced that they would be getting in on augmented reality (AR) technology with the “Vaunt” smart glasses. The glasses weren’t exactly ready for prime time just yet but were expected to be made available to developers who wanted to tinker with it. Unfortunately it seems that less than a year since they announced the project, Intel will be killing it off. Read full post →Intel Has Killed Off Its Smart Glasses Project

In the past an analyst has suggested that companies such as Apple should consider launching more subscription-based services for both hardware and software. If Apple ever needed convincing that the subscription model works, Amazon might be the one to do it as the company has recently confirmed that Amazon Prime has over 100 million members. Read full post →Amazon Prime Now Boasts More Than 100 Million Members

As more of our lives move online, protecting our internet presence has become very important. This is why many companies have started to include more security features in their software and services, and more recently Google has announced that its Safe Browsing feature will now be integrated into Android apps’ WebView by default. Read full post →Google’s Safe Browsing Is Now Integrated Into Android Apps

Live broadcasts can be fun and exciting, especially if you’re particularly invested into the event, like for the launch of a new product, service, or an announcement by your favorite celebrity, and so on. Facebook already offers live broadcasts through its Facebook Live feature, but they have announced that they will be expanding on it through a feature called Premieres. Read full post →Facebook Testing ‘Premieres’ For Live Broadcasts

If you’re looking for a way to improve your stats and skills in Call of Duty, we suppose playing it constantly and watching videos can help with that, but if you’re looking for a bit of coaching, Amazon might have the answer for you in the form of an official Call of Duty skill for Alexa. Read full post →Gamers Can Now Use Alexa To Assess Their Call Of Duty Skills

GoPro really wants you guys to buy their cameras, so much so that the company has recently launched its “TradeUp” program. As it name suggests, this is pretty much a trade-in program (except that GoPro is framing it like you’ll be upgrading your camera) that will accept any old camera that will go towards the purchase of a new GoPro. Read full post →GoPro Launches ‘TradeUp’ Program, Will Accept Any Camera

If you’ve ever played a free-to-play game, chances are you will run into an ad or two. Some of these ads are quite interactive in the sense that it users can actually play a bit of the game within the ad itself, meaning that they’ll get a taste of the game before they decide if they want to download it. Read full post →Facebook Testing Playable Game Ads

The benefits to using a smart lock system for your home is that it allows you to control the lock using your phone. Your phone can also sometimes act as a key by tapping it against the lock via NFC to unlock it, and users can also use the phone’s app to add visitors and send virtual keys to other people. Read full post →August Smart Lock Now Works With The Apple Watch

Robots that can cook and make drinks already exist, but could this be the way of the future where more of our F&B outlets will start turning to robots for that? That’s why Sony and Carnegie Mellon University want to find out as both organizations have teamed up for research on AI and robotics. Read full post →Sony, Carnegie Mellon Team Up To Research Cooking Robots