gopro-passengerGoPro despite being seen as more of an action camera manufacturer has always had close ties to drones. This is because due to the camera’s small and lightweight stature, many drone users have in the past used GoPro cameras and mounted them on drones for recording. This was at least until more drone makers started to include cameras of their own. Read full post →GoPro’s Passenger App Lets You Piggyback Nearby Karma Drones

samsunglogoWith Samsung finding themselves without a second flagship smartphone for the year of 2016, safe to say that the company was eager to try and make up for lost time which is why we had initially heard the reports that the Galaxy S8 could be launched sooner to help fill the void that was the Note 7. Read full post →Galaxy S8’s Development Delayed Following Note 7’s Investigation

Image credit - Richard Lai

Image credit – Richard Lai

With the Galaxy Note 7 being officially recalled, Samsung is doing everything they can to help facilitate exchanges and refunds, such as setting up booths at airports around the world to expedite the process. However last we checked, there were still about a million Note 7s still being used, and this shop in Hong Kong is probably not helping out with that number. Read full post →Note 7 Handsets Are Being Sold In Hong Kong At ‘Special Prices’

note 7 explodeA little under two weeks ago, it was revealed that Samsung had no idea as to why their Note 7 handsets were exploding. The company promised customers that they would have an answer soon, but fast forward to today and we still don’t know. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, we could be in for a wait. Read full post →Samsung Is Apparently Still At A Loss As To Why Some Note 7s Exploded

samsung-logoSo we know that Samsung is working on some kind of compensation plan for its Galaxy Note 7 customers. We had initially heard that they could be entitled to a free Galaxy S8 which sounded too good to be true, but according to a report from Reuters (via SamMobile), it has been confirmed that it will be a 50% discount instead. Read full post →Samsung: Note 7 Customers To Get 50% Off Galaxy S8/Galaxy Note 8

skyrim-DawnguardWere you worried that Skyrim on the PS4 won’t be able to support mods? We know that we were a little disappointed when we first heard the news, but later it was revealed that Sony and Bethesda had finally reached some kind of agreement/compromise that would allow mods to be supported, but there were limitations. Read full post →Skyrim Mods On The PS4 & Xbox One Will Have Storage Limitations

In a few days’ time, Bethesda will be releasing Skyrim Special Edition, which in case you missed the announcement at E3 earlier this year, is effectively a remastered version of the game with brand new graphics. So the question is, should you spend your money on it even if you’ve completed the game? Read full post →Skyrim Special Edition PS4 Graphics Compared To The PS3

ipod-touchWith Apple’s iPhones being more than capable of playing music, we guess the need for a separate dedicated music player is becoming less, but who could forget the iPod which is probably one of Apple’s more iconic products. Today also marks the 15th year since Steve Jobs first unveiled the device back in October 23, 2011. Read full post →Apple’s iPod Turns 15 Years Old Today

dji-phantom-4-2Over in the US, as long as your drone is registered and you’re not flying over someone’s private property or restricted airspace, you should be legally within your rights to operate your device. However over in Sweden, a recent ruling could have potentially killed the country’s entire drone market. Read full post →Sweden Bans Camera Drone Flights


Image credit – iFixit

Google’s new Pixel phones have been released and as is the case with all new phones, they are subject to a teardown by the good folks at iFixit. So the question is, how does the new Pixel phone fare in terms of repairability? Will this be a pain to repair? Or could it be done relatively easy without too much fuss? Read full post →Google Pixel XL Teardown Scores A 6 Out Of 10 For Repairability