For the past several quarters, Apple’s iPhone sales have been on the decline which some are attributing to the market being saturated, while others are saying that Apple hasn’t really done anything new to the iPhone in the past three generations. However it is expected that Apple’s new iPhones are meant to bring back a period of a super cycle for the company. Read full post →iPhone 8 Pre-Orders Reportedly Lower Than The iPhone 6, iPhone 7

We’ve known for a while that Netflix was working on new Marvel TV series based around Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher. The character made its debut in the second season of Daredevil and it seems that the character was so well-received that Netflix decided to give it its own series. Read full post →Official Trailer For Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’ Released

With the announcement of the new iPhones, Apple also announced that the new iPhones and a couple of other Apple products would finally be supporting wireless charging. As expected Apple also introduced their own wireless charging accessory in the form of AirPower which is basically a wireless charging mat for your devices. Read full post →Older Apple Watches Won’t Be Supported On The AirPower Charging Mat

With Control Center, Apple is bringing users quick access to certain features of the operating system, like toggling on/off Bluetooth and WiFi. Now you would think that turning these features on/off via Control Center would do what it’s meant to do, but apparently that is not the case because despite being toggled off in Control Center, they aren’t fully disabled. Read full post →Toggling Off Bluetooth & WiFi In iOS 11’s Control Center Doesn’t Fully Disable It

Apple’s iOS 11 was released the other day and as expected, it seems that it did not take iOS users long to update their devices because according to a report from Mixpanel (via MacRumors), iOS 11 has since been installed on 10% of iOS devices after the first 24 hours of the update being released. Read full post →iOS 11 Installed On 10% Of iOS Devices 24 Hours After Its Release

The Nokia 8 was officially launched last month. It’s HMD Global’s flagship smartphone for 2017. Previous reports have suggested that the handset might be released in the United States. According to new reports, HMD Global might release a variant of the Nokia 8 with higher RAM and storage in the United States.
Read full post →Nokia 8 With 6GB RAM Could Be Headed To The U.S.

HTC announced earlier today that it will halt stock trading tomorrow as a major announcement will be made. There have been rumors about an acquisition of the company by Google though nothing has been officially confirmed as yet. A new report published today claims that Google is “close” to acquiring HTC assets.
Read full post →Google Close To Buying HTC Assets

Nest today unveiled two new smart home products. Nest Cam IQ outdoor is a smart security camera with facial recognition technology. The Nest Hello is a smart doorbell with HD video capability. The camera is a successor to the Nest Cam IQ indoor that was announced earlier this year in June. As the name suggests, the new camera is meant to be placed outside so that you can keep an eye on what’s going on outside.
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Facebook owns Instagram, the most popular online photo sharing network. It wants to make it easier for its billion-plus users to access their Instagram profiles easily from within the main Facebook app. To that end, the company has now made it possible for users to launch the Instagram app directly from inside the Facebook app.
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It was reported recently that an Android One version of the Moto X4 could be launched soon. The reports have turned out to be true. The Android One Moto X4 has been launched on Project Fi, Google’s prepaid carrier. Project Fi customers now have access to a cheaper device as the only phones available until recently that were compatible on Fi were the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.
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