IO Interactive’s Hitman was very well received ever since it came out about a year ago. The developer decided to make it an episodic title and released the final episode of the first season a couple of months back. If you’re been meaning to play this game, you will be delighted to find out that the first two missions of Hitman collectively titled ICA Facility are now free for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. That’s not all, IO Interactive is also offering the first season at a discounted price.
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Samsung is yet to confirm the pricing and availability details for the refurbished Galaxy Note 7. The company confirmed a few months ago that it was going to release a refurbished version of its ill-fated flagship. It’s one of the ways that the company is going to cut down on environmental waste after the handset was discontinued last year. A new report has surfaced online giving us an idea of what this handset might cost.
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It’s always best to search the web for the best price when you’re thinking of buying something online. Chances are, you are likely going to find a better price than the first place you looked at. Customers are often provided a price guarantee by online platforms which lets them know that they’re getting the best price. eBay has announced its very own Price Match Guarantee for more than 50,000 items.
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The TOP500 organization started compiling rankings of the most powerful supercomputers in the world 24 years ago. In all that time, the United States only fell out of the list of the top three most powerful supercomputers only once. The latest biannual list of most powerful supercomputers has now been released by the TOP500 organization. This marks the second time that the United States has been out of the top three.
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It has long been reported that Samsung is working on a standalone virtual reality headset, one that will not require a smartphone to function. All of its internals will be packaged inside the headset itself. If a new report out of South Korea is believed, Samsung’s standalone Gear VR headset is going to have a very high-resolution display with a pixel density of 2,000 pixels-per-inch.
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T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger story has been a tale of “will they, won’t they” for many, many years. Sprint has long been interested in merging with its rival but efforts have gone in vain every time for one reason or another. It appears that the companies might be closer to a merger this time around. According to a new report, plans for the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint are now being prepared by Deutsche Tekelom, the parent company of T-Mobile in the United States.
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Uber has had a tough few months. It has been hit by one scandal and controversy after another. Much has been written and said about the company’s internal culture and many of its top executives have jumped ship in the past few weeks. It’s clear that major changes are needed at the world’s most popular ride-hailing service. To that effect, Uber co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned.
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Fidget spinners are nifty little devices that emerged out of China. These cheap toys are everywhere now. You probably get bombarded by advertisements for fidget spinners online every single day. They’re now a global trend and Google is getting in on that trend. Don’t think that Google is actually in the business of selling physical fidget spinners, it’s merely putting one in your desktop, mobile, and tablet.
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After months of endless rumors and reports, the OnePlus 5 was officially announced yesterday. The company finally confirmed the OnePlus 5 specs, price, and release date in its online launch event. It has started taking orders for the device and will begin shipping them within a week. The early response appears to be very good if OnePlus CEO Carl Pei is to be believed.
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Thanks to inventions like Raspberry Pi, it has become considerably easier for DIY tinkerers to come up with their own computing solutions and gadgets. Granted sometimes it doesn’t have the same polished look or feel as a finished product put out by a bigger company, but the freedom and fun that comes with creating something of your own is hard to beat. Read full post →It Looks Like Intel Is Giving Up On Competing With Raspberry Pi