The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has finally been released by Microsoft today. It was detailed several months ago and members of the Insiders program have been able to try out the new features included in this update. Starting today, Windows 10 users across the globe will be able to experience for themselves all of the improvements and changes that Microsoft has made to Windows 10 with the Fall Creators Update.
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It has been known for quite some time now that a standalone Star Wars Han Solo movie is in the pipeline. What the studio hadn’t confirmed, though, was the actual title. We no longer have to guess or rely on rumors anymore because the movie’s director Ron Howard has just confirmed that Star Wars Han Solo movie title.
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Razer has launched a new model of its ultraportable 12 inch Blade Stealth notebook which will provide a bit more processing power than the existing models. It still doesn’t have enough processing power on its own to function as a proper gaming machine, a Core enclosure will still be required, but it’s going to make a lot of difference when multitasking with heavy apps on the notebook.
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If you’re not willing to buy a new car just to get Alexa functionality on the road, then maybe you should check out Garmin’s new product. Garmin and Amazon have launched a new device that looks kind of like the Amazon Echo Dot. It’s meant to go in your car where it’s going to put the full range of Alexa skills just a voice command away.
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There weren’t any rumors about this recently so Microsoft’s latest announcement has come as a surprise to many. The company today launched the new Surface Book 2. It’s the successor to the original Surface Book that Microsoft launched back in 2015. At that time, it was the first proper notebook that Microsoft made on its own. The company has made some minor spec changes to the notebook since but this is the first proper Surface Book update.
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There are several common-sense steps that everyone should take in order to keep safe online. However, there are some people who can be at risk of being targeted online specifically. To help them prevent such attacks, Google is now offering a new feature called Advanced Protection. The feature will aid them in protecting themselves against accidental sharing, phishing, and fraudulent access to their accounts. It’s great for human rights workers, journalists, activists, and more.
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Netflix has significantly increased its spending on original content. It’s evidently what’s driving subscriber growth for the online streaming service. Netflix aims to make its original content account for the majority of content available on its service. To achieve that aim, it’s going to spend over $8 billion in order make its library over 50 percent original by next year.
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New York has some strict rules for self-driving cars which is why companies haven’t been rushing there to test their technology. General Motors has seen past that, though, and it’s going to be the first company to start testing autonomous vehicles in New York City. General Motors’ self-driving unit Cruise Automation will begin testing its autonomous Chevy Bolts in the city. GM will thus be the first company to test Level 4 autonomous cars on public roads.
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Fossil today announced the launch of the Q Neely and Q Jacqueline, the company says that these are the smallest hybrid smartwatches that it has ever released. Geared towards female customers, the latest additions to Fossil’s Q lineup fuse new functionality with a classically design watch profile of Fossil’s best-selling styles.
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There had been a lot of rumors over the past couple of months about a new smartphone from ZTE. The company was reportedly working on a foldable smartphone called the Axon M and that’s precisely what it has officially announced today. ZTE’s much-rumored foldable smartphone is now official. As expected, it’s going to be an AT&T-exclusive in the United States.
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