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Given that technology has advanced significantly over the past few years we have seen considerable changes in many sectors. Mobile devices like tablets have infiltrated the education sector and developers have come up with applications that are meant to help students in their quest for knowledge. Cloud storage companies have targeted students as well and Google raised the bar today with Drive for Education. Supporting individual files up to 5TB Google Drive for Education brings unlimited cloud storage for students.

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popcorn time

If you’re someone who isn’t really concerned about the legality of watching pirated TV shows and movies then Popcorn Time is meant for you. It is often referred to as the Netflix for pirates and has been around on the desktop and Android for quite some time now. Today Popcorn Time for iOS has been released, allowing people to view pirated content on their iPhones and iPads.

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Expectant mothers have this particular glow around them, which is a good thing, of course. After all, a happy and joyous mother would more often than not experience an easy pregnancy, and it also bodes well for baby within. Bellabeat has lined up a trio of new tracking and monitoring devices for the modern mom who is tech savvy, and they were designed with Mother Nature as its inspiration by being aesthetically pleasing in addition to being environmentally friendly.

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We reported yesterday that Apple had teamed up with a popular luxury retailer in Paris in order to provide an exclusive one-day experience. The invite hinted that it had something to do with the company’s recently unveiled smartwatch. Today in Paris the Apple Watch made its first public appearance as the town is gripped with Fashion Week. Many big names from the fashion industry were in attendance, and Apple brought out its big guns as well, design chief Jony Ive was present there too.

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Microsoft makes a very popular productivity suite known as Office, Word is an integral part of the suite as its the word processor. The Office suite and its various applications are not only used by individuals and students around the world they’re also used and appreciated by businesses both big and small. Now Redmond can add yet another big corporation to its list of clients. Samsung has decided to give up its own productivity software and embrace Microsoft Word with open arms.

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xiaomi redmi1sXiaomi is certainly pretty good at their marketing tactics – after all, they tend to gloat about how many units of a particular device that they have sold in a matter of minutes, such as the MiPad. Well, this time around, the king of flash sales has done it again, and it would be the Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone that went on a flash sales in India, having shifted 60,000 units in a matter of 13.9 seconds in the world’s second most populous country, now how about that for a record?

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eBay is arguably the biggest online auction powerhouse and has been for quite a few years now. Back in 2002 it acquired internet payments giant PayPal for $1.5 billion. This move was seen as a way for eBay to increase the number of transactions being processed by PayPal through diversion of its users towards the payments service. Over a decade after the acquisition eBay has now formally confirmed that PayPal will be spun off into a separate company next year.

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It has not been long since Nokia announced that its HERE mapping service will soon be available for Android. Even though its devices and services business was sold to Microsoft, Nokia has retained the mapping division and even now it is under the control and ownership of the Finnish company. Nokia had said that HERE would come to Android through select partners, with Samsung being the first one. However the Nokia HERE for Android apk has leaked online and it can be installed on almost any Android device.

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windows 9

At an event later today Microsoft is expected to make some announcements regarding the next iteration of its desktop operating system. Rumor has it that the new OS is going to be called Windows 9 and that it will be offered as a free upgrade to any and all Windows 8 users. A similar statement was made by Microsoft Indonesia’s president as well but new information has surfaced online which claims that the Windows 9 free upgrade may not be offered to all users.

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One of the interesting things that developers have managed to do with the Oculus Rift is make normal games playable in virtual reality mode. It definitely adds a different dimension and creates a more immersive experience. Well if you’ve always wondered what Mario Kart would be like in virtual reality, it seems that someone has decided to try and make that happen.

Developer Wilsonator has created a demo for the game that currently comprises of one basic level. It is the Mario Circuit level from the SNES version, although the developer has promised that additional levels should be made available soon. Basically Mario Kart VR puts players into the kart itself, thus giving you a somewhat first-person perspective of the game, which is typically played from a third-person point of view. Read full post →Mario Kart VR For The Oculus Rift Puts Gamers In The Driver’s Seat