There has been a bit of back and forth regarding who will be the one responsible for making the Google Pixel 2 handset. Some rumors are suggesting that HTC will continue to make the phones, while some have suggested LG. However thanks to a recent filing at the FCC by HTC, it seems that HTC will be the manufacturer, and some details have also been revealed. Read full post →Google Pixel 2 Details Revealed In FCC Filing

A smart lock sounds like it would be a great idea. A lock that you can unlock using your phone, a lock that you can generate codes and give to guests like friends and family, it almost seems like smart locks are the way of the future, but recently a situation involving Airbnb homes and smart locks have hinted that maybe that future isn’t quite here yet. Read full post →Update Bricks Smart Lock, Prevents Guests From Entering Airbnb Homes

Google is considered to be the best search engine out there, that is the reason most people say – “Google it“. You use it but how do you do it? Do you just type in what you want to search for (the search term or keyword)? If yes, you have not utilized Google to its fullest potential… Read full post →How To Search On Google, 20 Search Tips

At the earlier part of 2017, Blizzard announced that they were working on a remastered version of StarCraft in which the game would be basically getting a visuals upgrade along with some tweaks here and there. The game was also set for a launch on the 14th of August and sure enough according to Blizzard’s announcement, the game is now live. Read full post →StarCraft Remastered Is Now Live

One of the advantages of the Nintendo Switch over other gaming consoles is that it is portable, meaning that you can take it with you and play games on it that you could play at home when it is docked. However sometimes a TV isn’t always available, so what do you do? That’s where the OJO projector comes in. Read full post →The OJO Is A Nintendo Switch Dock And Projector

Apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk, Discord, Facebook Messenger, and more all share a similar feature, and that is that they are available on mobile as well as computers. This means that users have the option of either chatting on their phones or desktops, depending on which is more comfortable or convenient. Read full post →Screenshots Hint That Allo For Web Is Close To Launching

Recently the US Army issued an order to cease the use of DJI-branded drones immediately. Apparently this was due to security/privacy concerns after it was discovered that the data being recorded by the drone was being sent to servers stored outside of the US, which for the US Army did seem rather alarming. Read full post →DJI’s Drones Can Now Operate Without Internet Data Transfer

The LG V30 will be announced at the end of the month, although given how much we know about the phone thanks to leaks and also thanks to LG revealing some details as well, we reckon that there’ll probably be little to no surprise when the phone does launch. In fact here’s one more feature of the LG V30, and it comes in the form of haptic feedback. Read full post →The LG V30 Will Be Getting ‘TouchSense’ Haptic Feedback

Facebook might be known primarily as a social networking platform where its initial goal was to connect university students together, although over the years the platform has evolved to encompass more than just that and has served as a platform to watch videos, get the news, and even buy/sell things. Read full post →Facebook Marketplace Expands To 17 New European Countries

In a little over a week, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be revealed in full and we can finally get all the official details. However in the meantime the leaks and rumor mills have done an excellent job of revealing pretty much everything about the phone, and in case that wasn’t enough, there are now more benchmark results that “prove it”. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s Specs Revealed On AnTuTu Benchmarks