Image credit - Ausdroid

Image credit – Ausdroid

If you are someone who uses their phones to send emails quite often and you miss the ability to paste formatted text and images into emails, you’ll be pleased to learn that Gmail for Android has been updated to allow users to now paste formatted text and images into the Gmail for mobile. Read full post →Gmail For Android Updated To Allow Pasting Of Formatted Text & Images

Image credit - Daimler

Image credit – Daimler

The headlights on our cars are meant to illuminate the path ahead of us, but what if they could be used for other things? What if the lights could be more functional than they are? Over at Mercedes-Benz, it seems that this is something that they have thought about when they unveiled the Digital Light system (via CNET). Read full post →Mercedes-Benz Digital Light System Can Project Images On The Ground

If you’re a fan of arcade fighting games, there’s a chance you’ll have played Marvel VS Capcom in the arcades. Now a few days ago we heard the rumors that a new Marvel VS Capcom game would be announced during the PlayStation Experience, and sure enough it has. Read full post →Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Announced, Will Arrive In 2017

Image credit - Dyson

Image credit – Dyson

One of the benefits of using LED lights is that they last longer and they consume less energy, so while they might cost more than regular lights, in the long run you should save yourself some money. However it seems that over at Dyson, they have created a lamp called the Cu-Beam Duo that will apparently last for 22 years before you need to change its bulb. Read full post →Dyson Unveils Office Lights That Will Last 22 Years

Image credit - LINE

Image credit – LINE

One of the unique features of the LINE messaging app versus other messaging apps is the fact that it also functions as a social network of sorts. Users can upload photos and update their status, where users who are their friends can like and comment on them. Each user even has their own mini profile page. Read full post →LINE Messenger Gets Self-Destructing Posts

The Last of Us was an extremely popular title and while we might have expected that there would be a sequel, it was actually a nice surprise when Sony officially announced the game during the PlayStation Experience that took place over this weekend, so yes folks, The Last of Us Part 2 is official. Read full post →The Last Of Us Part 2 Has Been Officially Announced

galaxy-s7-design_02Quite a few smartphone OEMs have been putting out smartphones with a dual camera lens, and for a while it was rumored that Samsung could be doing the same with the Galaxy S8. After all Apple had done so with the iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple is Samsung’s fiercest rival so it made sense for Samsung to want to one up the competition, or at least put themselves on par. Read full post →Samsung Reportedly Ditches Plans For Dual Lens Galaxy S8

Image credit - Verizon

Image credit – Verizon

There are many tablets available in today’s market, but if you’re looking for a tablet to give your kids, you might be interested to learn that Verizon has recently announced the GizmoTab. This is a tablet that has been designed for kids in mind, so if you’d rather not shell out hundreds of dollars for an iPad, this could be a kid-friendly alternative. Read full post →Verizon Unveils GizmoTab 8-inch Tablet For Kids

Image credit - Mike Fox

Image credit – Mike Fox

If you are the owner of a Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone and you’re realizing that your camera seems to be freezing up more often than it should, you’re not alone because it seems that Google has acknowledged that this is a problem that they’re looking into, and hopefully we should be able to look forward to a fix in the near future. Read full post →Google Acknowledges Pixel Camera Freezing Problem

Image credit - Microsoft

Image credit – Microsoft

As much as Microsoft would love for all their users to use their OneDrive cloud storage service, the reality is that users already have their own cloud storage services that they’re probably used to using by now. The good news for Office users on Android is that Microsoft is now giving users more cloud storage options to choose from. Read full post →Microsoft Announces Cloud Storage Options For Office On Android