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It looks like Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS has some surprises for us up its sleeve. The company has started teasing two new devices that it will unveil at an event on October 28th. The “Unlock the future” event has already been confirmed by ASUS where it is now expected to show off a new ZenWatch wearable device and a new ZenFone handset.

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We have heard about LG’s Odin chipset for a long time now but there hasn’t been much to show for, we’re still waiting for that chipset to be used in a consumer device. We recently reported that LG’s Odin powered smartphone may be unveiled as soon as this month. A picture of the LG F490L Liger has surfaced online and this particular device is believed to be the lucky one that’s powered by LG’s homegrown chipset.

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It hasn’t been long since Apple’s new payments service went live. On Monday, Apple Pay was formally opened up after the iOS 8.1 update brought support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Since its not even a week old one could expect to see a couple of bugs as it is a new service after all. There have been several reports from people regarding the Apple Pay double charging bug which seems to be popping up particularly when purchases are made with a Bank of America card.

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The Simpsons is arguably one of the oldest shows on TV that’s in its 26th season now. First episode was aired back in 1989 and now there are more than 560 episodes in all. It obviously has a great fan following around the world. The FXX network recently acquired syndication rights to The Simpsons and now its cashing in big time. Introducing Simpsons Worlds, a new service through which you can stream every single episode of The Simpsons online for free provided that you have a subscription with a U.S. cable provider.

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The much awaited Nexus 6 from Google was announced recently and while pre-orders in the U.S. start soon it will take some time before units are shipped to customers. Apart from Google selling the device through the Play Store some carriers will sell it as well. Though it is possible that the Nexus 6 release may not take place in certain markets until December, with United Kingdom expected to be one of them.

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You may have read our report on Google’s Project Bigtop, its an effort by the company to change how we look at email and particularly at email applications. The project has been formally announced today as Inbox. Google says its a completely different type of email client for your Android or iPhone, it works on the web as well, and has been designed “to focus on what really matters.”

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I am sure that many Android fans are counting days till Android 5.0 Lollipop is released. Google has already confirmed that the update will be coming to supported Nexus devices early month but so far it has not issued any statement regarding an exact release date. If the date mentioned by Google in a note to app developers is anything to go by then its possible that Android 5.0 Lollipop release may take place on November 3rd.

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It has been a long time since there has been some activity on the jailbreak front. Apple has made it quite hard for jailbreak developers to break into the software now, so there’s not much activity now like there used to be before. However some folks are still working on this and a Chinese team has been able to achieve iOS 8.1 jailbreak but not without caveats.

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Barnes & Noble may not have developed a tablet of its own for quite some time now but its relationship with Samsung seems to be flourishing quite nicely. Both companies have already released one Nook-branded tablet and today they’re out with another one: the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 10.1. As you would expect the hardware end is all Samsung while the tablet comes with some software tweaks courtesy of Barnes & Noble.

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MUC insideAR 300x400Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting emerging technology that promises to change the way we live our lives. With smart mobile devices getting ever more powerful, and wearable devices maturing rapidly, we are increasingly seeing our digital lives intersect with our real lives. For over a decade Metaio has been pioneering in the field of Augmented Reality and computer vision, and for the 8th time will host the world’s largest Augmented Reality conference and expo in Munich, Germany. InsideAR Munich 2014 takes place on October 29th and 30th and promises to be the most exciting event of the year for AR professionals, enthusiasts alike.

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