A self-driving Uber struck down a pedestrian earlier this week who later succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. This was likely the first known fatal accident involving a self-driving car. The accident took place early morning in Tempe, Arizona and authorities have started their investigations. The local police department has released a video of this fatal Uber self-driving car crash recorded using the vehicle’s cameras. The disturbing video shows the final moments before the crash and reveals some more details about the accident.
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As Twitter prepares to come down on cryptocurrency scams on its platform, the company’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey remains optimistic about the future of one major cryptocurrency. Dorsey predicted in a recent interview that bitcoin is going to become the world’s “single currency” in a decade from now. He believes that the world and the internet will eventually have a single currency and that currency will be bitcoin.
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You may have heard the news about a data leak that was recently confirmed by Facebook. The company has offered its explanation and says that it plans to take concrete steps to ensure that something like this never happens again but a #deletefacebook movement is picking up steam online as its users are not happy with the way this has been handled. Now, it appears that some advertisers are having second thoughts as well. Mozilla has announced that it’s halting its Facebook advertising campaigns.
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YouTube Red, Google’s premium online video platform, is heavily investing in original content as well much like other players in this space which includes behemoths like Netflix, Apple, and Amazon. While previous originals have almost all been premiered on YouTube Red, it appears that the service might be willing to take a page out of Amazon Studios’ book by premiering its next big original film in theaters first.
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Despite being synonymous with action cameras, GoPro has had a rough couple of years as it struggles to bring in new customers willing to spend top dollar for its products. The company sought growth in the drone segment but had to bow out of there because it couldn’t really compete in the market. The company’s troubles have forced it to look elsewhere for support and it’s finding that in licensing deals. GoPro has started licensing its camera technology and sensors to other companies.
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It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of anticipation for Deadpool 2 as the first movie was a roaring hit. A couple of teasers and trailers have already been released so far but fans always want more. Fans of the franchise will be excited to know that a new Deadpool 2 trailer has been released today. The new trailer gives us our longest look yet at the upcoming anti-superhero movie.
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When it comes to certain games, using more classic controllers sometimes has a better feel to it. This is why arcade-style fight sticks tend to be favored in competitions. The good news is that if you’re a Nintendo Switch gamer who loves their fighting games but aren’t a fan of the joysticks on the Joy-Cons, you’re in luck. Read full post →Hori Joy-Con With ‘Proper’ D-Pad Unveiled, Set For July Release

Following the success of the first Deadpool movie, many are no doubt hyped to see what the sequel will be able to deliver. However the problem with sequels is that sometimes the hype behind them might not live up to expectations, but apparently that is not the case with Deadpool 2. Read full post →Deadpool 2 Test Screenings Score Higher Than Its Predecessor

With Google officially launching ARCore last month, this meant that some handsets announced earlier this year would not be launched with support for the feature. This included Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ users, but the good news is that it looks support for ARCore for both handsets are expected to arrive in the next few weeks. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ To Get ARCore In The Next Few Weeks

There are many who use YouTube as a music streaming service. All they have to do is launch a playlist or create one themselves, queue up a bunch of music videos and they’re good to go. However it seems that YouTube wants to target these particular subset of users and try to upsell them to music subscription services. Read full post →YouTube To Increase Ads Between Music Videos For Some Users To Upsell Subscriptions