While the iPhone is crafted with beautiful looking materials, at the end of the day we doubt that even the most sturdy of smartphones will not be able to withstand the speed, force, and pressure of an oncoming train. However it seems that TechRax decided to find out whether or not an iPhone 5s would be able to survive being run over by a train.

Now the results are pretty unsurprising (spoiler alert: it didn’t!), but if you’re curious as to the extent of the damage caused by the train, then you’ll want to check out the video above. Now we’ve seen many videos in the past where YouTubers try to push their phones to the limit, such as having them being run over by cars, hit with hammers, dropped to the ground, and in some instances shot at. Read full post →iPhone 5s Versus Train, Gets Obliterated

internetBack in 2013, it was announced that ISPs in the UK would soon start to filter porn by default. This is by no means considered a censorship of porn in the country, it’s just that porn would be filtered by default to prevent minors from stumbling upon it accidentally. However if you wanted to opt in, you’d actually have to call in and ask them to remove the filter.

So with that ruling in place, how has it been received so far? Well as it turns out, not very well because despite the filters being put into place, a recent report from Ofcom has suggested that pretty much everyone has opted in to viewing porn online. The numbers, if accurate, are actually pretty shocking. Read full post →Majority Of New UK Internet Subscribers Opt To Disable Porn Filter

Sony DSC QX10 11 640x424In 2013, Sony announced the QX10 and QX100. These are lens style cameras that attach to mobile phones, thus allowing the phone to capture better quality photos and videos, as well as give them a bit more control, at least compared to most camera apps. It was an interesting idea and it seems that Sony could be planning a follow-up.

This is according to a screenshot obtained by Sony Alpha Rumors that basically shows that the device has recently been registered for in Korea at the RRA agency. The name QX30 was mentioned and from what we understand, it’s the same device that we talked about back in June. Read full post →Sony QX30 Spotted At Korean RRA Agency

xbox one hands on review 05 640x425As you might have heard, Microsoft had announced that they will be officially selling the Xbox One console in China later this year in September. In a way this is a pretty big deal because prior to this, video game consoles were banned from being sold in the country, and while they still made its way into the hands of gamers via unofficial channels, this would essentially legalize the entire thing and allow Microsoft to establish a stronger foothold in the country.

So where would one go if they were interested in purchasing an Xbox One? A departmental store? A gaming store? An electronics store? Well according to a report from Reuters, how about a carrier? Yup, you read that right, it seems that if you wanted to get your hands on an Xbox One in China, you would have to go to China Telecom. Read full post →Xbox One In China Will Be Sold Via China Telecom’s Retail Channels

uberJust yesterday we reported that Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, confirmed that the company had plans to monetize the otherwise free Messenger app. As it stands it is unclear as to how Facebook plans on doing this, but perhaps this could clue us in. According to a report from Re/code, they have learnt that Facebook and Uber have been in talks.

Now before you think that Facebook plans on buying out Uber, think again. According to one of their sources who is familiar with the matter, both companies are apparently in talks about the possibility of integrating Uber’s services into the Messenger app. Unsurprisingly both Facebook and Uber have declined to comment on the matter. Read full post →Facebook & Uber In Talks About Messenger Integration [Rumor]

flux capacitorFor anyone who has seen the Back To The Future series of movies, you’re probably very familiar with DeLorean, the time traveling machine that is used in their adventures. Now one of the key components of the machine is its flux capacitor that according to Doc Brown, is what makes everything work.

Now if you’re a fan of the movie and you wouldn’t mind a flux capacitor of your own, you’re in luck because the folks at ThinkGeek have made it a reality! Well to be more specific, they have managed to create something that looks like the flux capacitor, minus the time traveling of course. Read full post →The DeLorean’s Flux Capacitor Can Now Be Yours For $25

d3 auction houseThere are some games where in-game items can be worth a fortune and can even run into the tens of thousands of dollars, which is why it is understandable that some gamers are very protective of their gaming accounts, especially when it has taken them hours, or even months, to farm for a particular item.

However careless gamers sometimes have their accounts hacked, after which they discover that all of their items have been stolen and sold or transferred to another character. It’s basically theft but in the virtual world, but apparently Mike Weatherly, chief advisor to David Cameron on intellectual property, wants it to be treated like an actual crime. Read full post →Politician Wants In-Game Theft To Be Treated Like A Real Crime

warcraft logo 640x345We know that many of you guys are looking forward to the World of Warcraft movie. Say what you will about movies based on video games, but given the popularity of the Warcraft franchise and the sheer number of players Blizzard has managed to command until today for the World of Warcraft MMORPG, safe to say that many are at the very least curious.

That being said we’re still a couple of years away from actually seeing the movie, but it seems that Legendary Pictures has officially revealed the logo of the upcoming Warcraft movie, which you can see for yourselves in the image above. The unveiling was done during at the San Diego Comic-Con at Legendary’s booth. Read full post →Official Warcraft Movie Logo Makes Its Debut

Want to get an early peek at the very first trailer for “Halo: Nightfall”? Well, you do not need to fiddle around with your thumbs any longer, since the folks over at Microsoft has already relented and let fans of the franchise check out what the upcoming digital video series will look like, in addition to teasing the uninitiated to jump aboard the bandwagon. After all, the Halo franchise has already gained and built up quite a following over the years.

Read full post →Halo: Nightfall Trailer Revealed

Games have gotten so realistic these days, it is no surprise then to see a whole lot of work go behind the scenes, so much so that one might even think that shooting a movie is a whole lot easier. Having said that, a couple of Ubisoft developers made their way to Nepal as part of their adventure in researching any kind of inspiration for Kyrat. Kyrat happens to be the fictitious Himalayan setting in the upcoming Far Cry 4, and during their trip, part of it included being privy to the ritual sacrifice of a goat.

Read full post →Ubisoft Developers Observed Ritual Sacrifice While Researching On Far Cry 4