The idea behind verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms is that it is to ensure that posts coming from that particular account are really from the people they say they are, and now it looks like a verified Twitter status could let you into an exclusive dating app. Read full post →This Dating App Requires You To Be A Verified Twitter User

Fed up with the traffic situation, last year Elon Musk announced his plans to launch a “boring company” that basically bypasses traffic on the street level by going underneath them. Earlier this year we saw a video rendering of how Musk’s idea could work in real life, but if you wanted something more concrete, you’re in luck. Read full post →Elon Musk Shares Real-World Footage Of The Boring Tunnel In Action

Companies such as Google and Pinterest allow users to search for items using photos. This means that if you see something you like in real-life, or an image on the web for an item of clothing that you want to buy, you can search using a photo or an image from the web. Unfortunately such functionality was not available on eBay, at least until now. Read full post →eBay Now Lets You Search For Items Using Photos

Recently you might have heard how some 2012/2013 MacBook Pros that needed battery replacements were actually being replaced by newer models. This is apparently due to a shortage in components in which Apple told customers that they could either way, or potentially get a newer model to replace their older one. Read full post →Apple No Longer Replacing MacBook Pros That Need Battery Service With New Models

Unless you’ve bought a phone that was designed specifically to be used in extreme temperatures, for the most part “regular” smartphones don’t do so well in extreme cold or extreme heat. In fact some of you guys might have even experienced it on occasion where your smartphone shuts itself down due to it getting too hot. Read full post →The Phoozy Spacesuit Case Helps Regulate Your Phone’s Temperature

Amazon might be known as an online retailer for all kinds of things you can think of, but the company also has some pretty big ambitions. For example we’ve seen how they’re trying to get into our homes with devices like the Dash buttons and the Amazon Echo series of smart speakers, and now it looks like Amazon could be interested in our health as well. Read full post →Just Like Apple, Amazon Reportedly Has A Secret Health Team As Well

Recently Nikon confirmed that they are working on a new camera that would be the successor to the Nikon D810. This will come in the form of the Nikon D850, and while the confirmation of the camera’s existence is great news, unfortunately not much is known about the camera or how it looks like, at least until now. Read full post →Alleged Nikon D850 Press Photos Leaked

According to the reports, Foxconn has been mulling the idea of potentially expanding its operations in the US. In fact a rumor earlier this week suggested that their plans could be announced this week itself, and sure enough that’s exactly what happened as Foxconn has revealed their plans to open a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. Read full post →Foxconn Announces Plans To Launch Manufacturing Plant In Wisconsin

When you order multiple drinks at McDonald’s to go, usually what happens is that they will give you a drink tray made out of cardboard to help hold them. We’re sure that what many of you guys do when you’re done with the drink tray is to throw them away, but McDonald’s Canada is hoping you’ll hang onto them a bit longer. Read full post →McDonald’s Turns Its Cardboard Drink Trays Into Smartphone Speakers

While Amazon does ship to many parts of the world, in terms of localized operations, the company doesn’t have operations in every country yet, meaning that for a lot of customers, they still have to put up with long shipping times and hefty shipping prices because of that. However it seems that those living in Southeast Asia can rejoice as Amazon has expanded into the region. Read full post →Amazon Expands To Southeast Asia By Launching Prime Now In Singapore