tidal_logoThere are a number of ways that music streaming services can set themselves apart from one another. This can be done through price, the size of their catalogue, and also exclusives. However Tidal seems to be going one step further and that is through features where they will now allow users to edit song length and tempo. Read full post →Tidal Now Lets Users Edit Song Length And Tempo

The Chinese New Year is nearly upon us and it seems that Blizzard is eager to celebrate the festivities with Overwatch. In a pair of announcements on its English and Korean Overwatch Twitter pages, Blizzard has revealed that they are planning on launching new skins themed around the Chinese New Year. Read full post →Blizzard To Roll Out New Overwatch Skins For Chinese New Year

verizon-55-for-5Carriers often announce new plans to try and entice new customers or to get existing customers to switch/upgrade. Verizon’s latest announcement comes in the form of a new data plan which they are calling $55 for 5GB, which as the name already reveals is where customers will be able to get 5GB of data a month for $55. Read full post →Verizon Announces $55 For 5GB Plan

Update – Following the announcement, Nintendo seems to have changed their mind and stated that the game will be launched on iOS and Android devices simultaneously, so we guess this won’t be an exclusive to Android for now. Original story below.

We know that Android gamers must have been a bit bummed to learn that Super Mario Run was an iOS exclusive at the start, although that exclusivity will be coming to an end this March. The good news is that it looks like Android will be getting an exclusive too in a way as Nintendo has announced their next mobile title: Fire Emblem Heroes. Read full post →Fire Emblem Heroes Will Be Nintendo’s Next Mobile Title [Update]

lg-g6-mwc-inviteIt is no secret that LG will probably announce the LG G6 at MWC 2017. To confirm it, the company has actually announced and put out a public invitation to its MWC 2017 event which is taking place on the 26th of February, 2017 at 12PM in Barcelona. We will be in attendance so do check back with us then for the official details. Read full post →LG Sends Out Invites For Their MWC 2017 Conference

super-mario-run-japanWhile Super Mario Run might have been an iOS exclusive at the start, Nintendo did state that they would eventually bring the game onto Android, although they did not say when. The good news is that you no longer have to wonder about that because Nintendo of Japan has confirmed that they are aiming for a March release. Read full post →Super Mario Run For Android Set For A March Release

apple_musicIf you’re someone who enjoys radio talk shows more so than music, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple Music will now be able to stream CBS Sports Radio. This means that if you’d rather catch up on your sports instead of music, CBS Sports Radio will be one of the options that will be made available to you. Read full post →CBS Sports Radio Now Available Through Apple Music

resident-evil-7The thing about owning a PC and a console is that sometimes you can’t decide which platform to buy a game on. There are of course various pros and cons, but suffice to say that no one likes having to pay for the same game twice. The good news is that Resident Evil 7 will not be a problem if you own an Xbox. Read full post →Resident Evil 7 Will Be An Xbox Play Anywhere Title

black-ops-2As it stands Activision has made pretty much every Call of Duty game backwards compatible on the Xbox One. There is one title that many gamers and fans of the franchise are hankering for and that is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and this is something that Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been asking for as well. Read full post →Phil Spencer Wants To See Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Backwards Compatibility

apple-tv-app-1Last year Apple announced a new TV app which for those unfamiliar, is basically meant to act as a hub for all your TV shows and movies from the various services that are available. However there were some services missing from the TV app, and most notable amongst them is Netflix. Read full post →Netflix Can Now Be Played Directly In Apple’s TV App (Sort Of)