nexus-5-review--018The rumors are suggesting that this year we could be treated to two Nexus handsets. One from Huawei and the other from LG. Unfortunately apart from leaked photos and alleged specs surfacing online, it’s really anyone’s guess as to when these phones will actually be launched, but now we might have a date.

The latest rumor comes courtesy of the Korean media who claims that on the 29th of September, the LG Nexus (2015) will be released. Unfortunately the source did not mention anything about the Huawei Nexus, presumably because LG is a Korean brand that they might have more insider information on, but it’s safe to assume Google will want to launch both devices simultaneously. Read full post →LG Nexus (2015) Rumored For 29th September Release

lg-g4-industrial-design-18If the rumors are to be believed, LG is said to be working on a new flagship device that will be launched towards the end of the year. While the handset has yet to be named, some have given it the name of the LG G4 Pro. The device is said to be of the phablet variety and now thanks to rumors from the Korean media, the handset’s alleged specs have been revealed.

Like we said, the LG G4 Pro is said to be of the phablet variety. This means that you can expect a device with a large display, but how big are we talking about? According to the rumors, it will apparently pack a 5.8-inch display and will come with a QHD resolution, so if you like your displays large and resolutions sharp, this ought to do the trick. Read full post →Alleged LG G4 Pro Rumored To Sport 5.8-inch Display, Dual Cameras

google html5It is no secret that Adobe’s Flash is no longer the web darling that it once used to be. In fact the recent discovery of Flash zero-day vulnerabilities has led to browsers such as Firefox blocking all Flash content, and seeing major websites such as Twitch making the jump to HTML5, and come 1st of September, Google will be attempting to phase Flash out as well.

The company has recently announced that moving forward, their Chrome browser will automatically freeze Flash files that are not important. This means that if you wish to see said files, you will have to click on them to manually enable them, but otherwise they will be frozen by default. Read full post →Google Chrome Will Freeze Non-Important Flash Files In The Future

htc-vive-01Apart from Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR, there aren’t that many commercially available virtual reality headsets out there in the market yet. The Oculus Rift is expected to ship in 2016 and if you were hoping that the HTC Vive would be released before then, you might be disappointed.

According to HTC who announced their presence at the PAX Prime expo, it seems that if you’re looking to get your hands on the HTC Vive this year, you probably can’t and 2016 would be a better bet. This isn’t to say that there won’t be any HTC Vive devices this year, it’s just that it will be limited in quantity and seems to be more targeted towards developers. Read full post →HTC Vive Might Only See A Mass Rollout In 2016

official-iphone-5c-1If you were to head on over to the Apple Store, you’ll find that you can still purchase the iPhone 5c from 2013. However according to a report from 9to5Mac, they claim that once the next-gen iPhones are launched, Apple is expected to discontinue the iPhone 5c. However in terms of other “older” devices, they’ll still be kept around.

This includes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and interestingly enough the iPhone 5s. The report goes on to add that Apple will not be debuting a 4-inch iPhone 6c at their September 9th event. This is a bit confusing at the moment as there have been claims from various reputable sources that Apple will show off a 4-inch iPhone, but at the same time other sources claim they won’t. Read full post →Apple Rumored To Discontinue The iPhone 5c

apple watchWearables such as fitness trackers have been around for the past couple of years, with Apple only officially launching their own wearable, the Apple Watch, earlier this year. However it seems that Apple’s brand and reputation is enough to give it a huge advantage because according to the IDC, Apple is now the second-largest wearable maker.

This puts them behind the likes of Fitbit who is still the largest wearable maker, and it also seemingly displaces Xiaomi who a couple of months ago, was considered to be the second-largest wearable maker. According to Jitesh Ubrani, Senior Research Analyst for IDC Mobile Device Trackers, it seems that Apple’s arrival had the greatest impact on the wearables category. Read full post →IDC: Apple Is The Second-Biggest Wearable Maker Behind Fitbit

facebook logoHow often have you seen video content being reposted on Facebook, except that each time it is uploaded it is under a different name, meaning that by the time it gets to you, it could have changed hands at least a couple of times. We reckon it happens pretty often and to a certain extent that is piracy, and this is something Facebook wants to cut down on.

In a post on Facebook’s website, the company claims that they are stepping up their efforts on cracking down on video piracy on its website. “We’ve heard from some of our content partners that third parties too frequently misuse their content on Facebook. For instance, publishers have told us that their videos are sometimes uploaded directly to Facebook without their permission.” Read full post →Facebook To Crack Down On Video Piracy

samsung-logoWe’ve seen various companies offering up public charging stations where users can stop and charge their devices while they’re out and about. However with the focus on renewable and sustainable energy, it’s actually pretty cool to see Samsung over in India introduce solar-based mobile charging stations.

According to Samsung, these solar-based mobile charging stations will be the first of their kind in India, and it will apparently be easy to maintain. That being said based on what we’ve seen in solar-based charging in the past, they’re not exactly the quickest chargers, but Samsung claims that their stations will be able to generate 300KW of power per day. Read full post →Samsung Introduces Solar-based Mobile Charging Stations In India

moto_g_2015_us_cellularDespite Motorola’s Moto G series of smartphones featuring pretty low-end specs, what makes the device surprisingly appealing is its price tag, which combined with its specs makes it a value for money device. Now if you’re interested in getting your hands on the third-gen Moto G which was announced last month, you’re in luck.

US Cellular has recently announced that they are now offering the Moto G (2015) smartphone. Customers who are interested can choose to sign a new two-year contract with the carrier and pay just $0.01 for the handset. Alternatively if you’d rather not be tied to a contract, you can opt to purchase the phone outright for $129.99 which is admittedly rather affordable. Read full post →Moto G (2015) Now Available From US Cellular

lg_nexus_front_panelThanks to a series of leaks, images of the LG Nexus (2015) have started to circulate the web and in case you weren’t entirely convinced, new images have popped up online courtesy of user @manu09090 who posted photos of the front panel of the upcoming handset. This was later confirmed by @onleaks who did some comparisons and found that the photos lined up with his own leaked renders.

While this does not guarantee that the leaks we’ve seen so far are accurate, since anything could happen, it at the very least corroborates the rumors so at least as far as the design of the phone is concerned, everyone is more or less on the same page. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the specs of the phone. Read full post →Alleged LG Nexus (2015) Front Panel Pops Up Online