sweden haunted adThe world of advertising does have its fair share of interesting snippets as well as ideas that help get the job done, which ultimately, would be to have the viewer make a purchase of a particular service or product. Well, an amusement park over in Stockholm has come up with a rather a terrifying technique, inducing one of the most basic instincts in humans, that is fear, to frighten passers-by on the street so that attention can be turned to their latest attraction.

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easy guitarFor someone who is musically deaf like me, learning to play a simple music instrument can prove to be extremely challenging, or perhaps even downright impossible. However, thanks to the advent of technology, there has been tools to assist in teaching folks like me on playing various instruments. I have always had a mind to learn the guitar, although I have failed miserably whenever picking up tips from YouTube tutorials. Perhaps picking up the new Easy Guitar system might have saved me a whole lot of headache and heartache.

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zelectric bugLike water and oil, old cars as well as all-electric drivetrains do not mix. Of course, this is but a general rule, and as we all know too well, rules are meant to be broken, as the saying goes, although this particular rule would only work best within certain enclosed systems. Having said that, here is a pretty cool idea that has been fleshed out, where it is known as the ZelectricBug.

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belt scooterWhen you have a particular product with a name like Belt Scooter, one can only sit back and scratch one’s head, wondering just what the heck it is. Well, as this particular name suggests, it might be a good idea to take things literally – at least in this case. What you are getting would be a belt – and a scooter too, at the same time, as it remains worn around your waist. is, as the name suggests, a scooter worn around the waist like a belt. The Belt Scooter happens to be the brainchild of designer Ádám Török, where this particular concept might eventually pave the way for a simple mode of transport that one is capable of wearing around one’s waist. In other words, it would allow you to be more mobile, and works great if your designated driver is too tipsy to drive you home, and you do not have a car to return home after a night of wild partying.

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darpa softexosuitIt looks like the U.S. military has expressed a rather strong interest when it comes to the development of powered exoskeletons. Such powered exoskeletons might just come in handy one of these days, you can never tell, as they assist soldiers in being a whole lot more agile, being far stronger than the average human as one is able to carry far more weight across difficult terrain, as well as to assist in reducing the amount of fatigue suffered during long missions. A soft exosuit that you see on the right here is being developed at the moment, where it will help soldiers move their feet with each step.

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drivebotJust when you think that wearable devices are meant for humans alone, with companies such as Fitbit rolling out devices for humans, along comes a new device for your car – which can be classified as a Fitbit for your four wheeler, so to speak. I am referring to the Drivebot, where it intends to keep track of the car’s well being as well as having the ability to actually alert you to any kind of potential issues and problems before you actually drive too far and end up in a more dire strait than before.

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If Silicon Valley wants you to think that self-driving cars are the future then a startup based in Slovakia wants to prove them wrong. AeroMobil, the startup in question, unveiled a flying car at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. Its not a concept, mockup or model. Its an actual flying car that can take to the skies like it can take to the roads.

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watch dogs

Ubisoft made its financial report for the first half of FY15 public today and there are some interesting bits of information that we gain from it. During this period Ubisoft saw a 65 percent increase in sales as opposed to the same time last year. Watch Dogs was a major contributing factor as more than nine million copies of the game were shipped during this period.

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flipboard new 422x640

Flipboard is a popular news aggregation app that puts up content in magazine form and now its millions of users have something to look forward to. Version 3.0 of the Flipboard app for iOS and Android has been released and it brings a whole new look and feel for the app. Some new features have been added as well apart from the additional of more than 30,000 topics which can now be followed through the app.

The app provides access to more than 30,000 topics that range from broad to specific, such as music, a particular genre of music, HDR photography etc which can be added to the users’ personal feed. Flipboard is also capable of pulling in content from sources like social networks, RSS feeds and other magazines curated by Flipboard users.

The updated app will now display a Daily Edition which basically is a roundup of top stories on different topics, users will also see an audio track of the day as well as a “parting GIF” when they’re done perusing the Daily Edition.

Flipboard’s new look and feel is complemented by improved typography and full screen images for magazine covers, there’s also a new navigation bar which makes it easier to get to locations like search, notifications, feeds and tiles easily.

Flipboard is available as a free download for iOS and Android.

nestle pepperRobots do seem to be all over the news these days, as they continue in their quest to help out humanity with a various number of chores and work, including making your regular morning cup of joe. Having said that, Nestle is not a brand that one would connect the dots to see it involved in the world of technology, apart from Android 4.4 KitKat, but here they are with their efforts at closing sales in public – through the help of a robot known as Pepper.

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