It looks like Microsoft has not quite forgotten about those who happen to want a phone and yet are on an extremely tight budget. Since action speaks far louder than words, the release of the Nokia 230 as well as the Nokia 230 Dual SIM happen to deliver a basic handset that also does its bit to keep up with the times – that is, enabling you to snap selfies regardless of the time of the day, and coming out looking rather dapper, we might add.

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hackIt looks like a computer hacker who goes by the moniker “mr.grey” has made him or herself a wanted person by the FBI. The offence? “mr. grey” has made off with login information for more than 1.2 billion online accounts. Apparently, this particular hacker has been linked to numerous stolen logins via a Russian email address.

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doa3-usThe Dead or Alive series has always raised an eyebrow or two, depending on who you show the game to, mainly because it does pay a whole lot of attention to the female form. In fact, the Dead or Alive 5 costume pack is said to be rather risque in nature, and this time around, we have word that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will not be available outside of Japan. That might not be too much of a news, but publisher Koei Tecmo’s translated Facebook comment did not go down too well with many people.

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shield-x1-benchWhile we brought you word earlier this month concerning the folks over at Nvidia bringing back the Shield Tablet as the K1, here we are with a spotting of the Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 over on GFXBench, and the main reason for such a naming convention is pretty simple – it all boils down to the kind of chipset that is used. Apparently, in the GFXBench ratings, the presence of the Tegra X1 SoC has been confirmed.

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oxygenos-updateFor those of you who happen to be rocking out to the OnePlus X smartphone from the folks over at OnePlus, here is news for you – it seems that there is a new software update that is well on its way to the mobile device, and guess what – there will be no Marshmallow involved, but rather, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop will remain as it is after the update is applied. However, the introduction of Oxygen OS 2.1.3 will bring along with it a slew of enhancements where the microSD memory card support on the device is concerned.

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galaxy-a9-listYou know what they say – until there is an official announcement of a particular device, you can never be too sure of its availability or even existence. Having said that, this has not stopped us from speculating whenever there is a new leak of an upcoming device, especially when said leak points to something from the FCC. Well, the Samsung Galaxy A9 has certainly gone through a fair amount of rumors in the past, which means the overall release is imminent, and thankfully there is yet another new listing for the Samsung Galaxy A9 on the Iran website of Samsung.

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airbus patentCompared to driving, flying is much faster and therefore more efficient. However there are aspects about the entire process that could be improved upon. For example after arriving at your gate (and assuming you’re early), you will need to wait to board the plane. When it’s finally your turn, you will have fall in line and also wait for everyone to get on board, put away their luggage, allow flight attendants to do their last minute checks before you are ready to fly.

This has been the way for decades and while we might be used to it, it doesn’t mean we can’t improve on it. That’s pretty much what the folks at Airbus have envisioned. In a recently discovered patent, the planemaker has patented the idea of a plane that can have its cabin detached, as you can see in the diagram above. Read full post →Airbus Patents Detachable Cabins, Wants To Save You Time

o2-storeA couple of days ago, UK carrier EE announced that they were exploring the idea of ad blocking, where the carrier would block ads on behalf of its customers as opposed to customers having to try and come up with their own solutions. It seems that they’re not alone because according to another UK carrier O2, they too are interested.

According to a report from Business Insider UK, O2 executives have told the publication that they are in the advanced stages of looking at technology that could block ads on a network level, meaning that O2 will be the one blocking the ads on behalf of their customers. Alternatively if that doesn’t pan out, the carrier is also looking at possibly offering ad blocking apps or browser extensions. Read full post →UK Carrier O2 Also Looking Into Network-Level Ad Blocking

Image credit - iFixit

Image credit – iFixit

With the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple also unveiled new accessories for it, one of which is the Smart Keyboard. Basically this is a keyboard accessory that will dock the iPad Pro and let you type with it. Similar keyboard cases have been created for Apple’s other iPads before, but this would be the first official one.

However you should probably take good care of it because according to a recent teardown of the keyboard by the folks at iFixit, they have given the keyboard a 0/10 in terms of repairability, with 0 being the lowest score possible, suggesting that repairing it is pretty much impossible and you shouldn’t try. Read full post →Apple’s Smart Keyboard Is Completely Unrepairable

lara croft goIn recent times, Square Enix Montreal has taken the company’s franchises like Hitman and Tomb Raider and turned them into completely new titles on mobile, such as Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, both of which are more puzzle-based titles than action-based which is more or less what their original genres were.

However as is usually the case with Square Enix’s mobile games, they do not come cheap with Lara Croft GO priced at $5 at launch. However the good news is that it looks like the developers are having a holiday sale because the price of the game has since been knocked down to a more affordable $2.99. Read full post →Lara Croft GO Updated With New Puzzles, Price Reduced To $2.99