iPod Supreme is crazy expensive

The iPod Supreme is proud to be known as the most expensive iPod touch on earth, where there are only three models available. It might be a wee bit hard to find a buyer though considering it costs a whopping $233,000 each, where you get 149 grams of 22 carat gold with the trademark Apple logo made from 53 shiny VVS1, color F diamonds. On the outer section of the iPod touch lies 300 diamonds, while the main navigation button is adorned with a dozen diamonds that surround a single cut pink diamond of 2.1 carat. All three will come in a box made from white lacquered wood, with inners made from Porsche Nappa leather. Guess the economy is really recovering, eh – who do you think will pick this up? A Russian oil ogilarch, an Arab sheikh or some businessman from the Far East?


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