ihome logo[CES 2011] iHome, the creators of the iA100 have announced that they will be unveiling a set of new iPad accessories to complement Apple’s iOS tablet. Choosing to reveal them at CES 2011, the accessories consist of two external speakers and a case with built-in speakers. The iDM12 is a rechargeable portable Bluetooth speaker system that serves as a micro sound bar for the media watcher on the go. With a protective magnetic casing that can be easily detachable to serve as a stand for your iPad on portrait and landscape orientation. If you don’t want to bring your iPad with you, around your house, you can even stream music on it via a Bluetooth connection. The iDM 15 consists of 2 little speakers that transforms into a stand when in use, and also has Bluetooth for wireless streaming of music. The iDM 70 is quite different from the previous two products – it is a protective iPad casing that comes with built-in speakers that can boost the volume of your tablet without the need for you to carry additional hardware. Protect your tablet and enhance your tunes at the same time! The iHome site hasn’t been updated so I guess you’ll have to wait until CES 2011 begins to find out more.

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