Touchscreen devices are all the rage these days, ranging from your phones to your tablet devices and even all-in-one computers and tablet notebook hybrids. Well, is there a better way to gain control of your device? The Ringbow “mouse” is a candidate that might just do the trick, coming in the form of a mouse ring that is slipped onto your finger, letting you control context for touch functions. Not only that, it also offers the latent ability of a touchscreen display to know which finger is it that is touching the display.

With the Ringbow on, you will use your thumb to operate it so that you ned not be bound to the actual surface of a touchscreen display in order to operate a computer or tablet. For example, just tap the Ringbow with your thumb in order to activate a right or left click action.

Currently, the Ringbow remains in the prototype phase, so we do hope that someone will come up with something to translate it into a real world device.

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