There seems to be a watch for just about everything these days, from watches that can check your Android phone for text messages and missed calls, to watches that can even check your sugar level, so it’s really no surprise that there’s a watch that can not only tell the time, but double as a breathalyzer unit for those nights when you’re out drinking and partying but wondering if your BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) is at a legal limit for you to drive, although if you have been drinking you probably shouldn’t be driving anyway, legal limit or not.

Introducing the breathalyzer watch from Tokyo Flash, the same company that brought us crazy watch designs that turned time telling into a puzzle solving event. Honestly it’s hard enough telling the time on those watches sober, let alone when you’ve had a couple of beers in you.

Putting that aside, the watch comes with the typical Tokyo Flash crazy design for telling the time along with a port that allows you to blow into it and then displaying the results on the display. Not sure how precise the watch can actually read your BAC compared to the police issued ones, but if anything it should be a rough guide but I’m guessing that it may not hold up in court.

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