Since cellphones as well as smartphones are staples for ordinary people (and have been) for quite some time already, it makes perfect sense that you should make sure these essential tools have enough power reserves before you head out. What happens when you fail to do so, ending up with a dead BlackBerry at the office? Why, borrow your colleague’s charger, of course. Well, do you fancy a charger that is not restricted to a wall outlet in the way that traditional chargers are? That is what designer Yuchen Liu has come up with, the Wool Ball Charger that will never run short – sorta.

The cord of this device is wrapped up into itself in a ball form factor instead of a loop which many of us are wont to do. While this means it will look neat in its own way, the advantage would be the ability to unravel much longer than a traditional charger with limited wire or cable length. Not only that, you can always let your feline friend have a go at this puppy just to alleviate itself of boredom. Just make sure it isn’t plugged in to a live outlet, otherwise your kitty might just electrocute itself by surprise after an unexpected bite into the cable.

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