HoloPhone 3D

Remember the glasses-free “3D” app created for the iPad 2 awhile ago? Well some developers have decided to take that idea and recreated it on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. This time, they’ve added fun elements into the app, making it a interactive experience instead of just a demonstration of visuals. So while we wait for Windows Phone 7 with real glasses-free 3D screens and capabilities, this app will do good to help us pass the time.

Called HoloPhone 3D, the app gives users 9 interactive hologram experiences, stunning 3D graphics rendered at 30 FPS, realistic physics environments, and a couple of mini games that make use of this “3D” effect. HoloPhone 3D is available as a free trial or a full version at $0.99. Head over to the Zune Marketplace if you’d like to give the app a try. Watch a video demonstration after the break:

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