Nokia N9

If you’re a fan of editing photographs on your phone, the N9 will have a thing or two to please folks like you. According to a post on the official Nokia blog, one of the features that the phone will carry is non-destructive photo editing. This means that users will be able to edit their photographs in any way they want (as long as the app allows it), and will have access to an unlimited amount of undos when editing.

Even when users save their photographs, the next time they reload it in the photo editing app, they can simply restore it to its original state. Nokia calls this “non-destructive photo editing”, while personally to me it feels like something that can be achieved if a user saved an additional copy of an image before working on it. If Nokia thinks that this is going to be one of the selling points of the upcoming N9, I think they’re going to need to market a bit harder than that. What do you think?

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