You might want to add “kitchen knife” to your MacBook Air’s resume – at least we now know that it is thin enough to slice through some vegetables and fruits in the kitchen. Of course, knowing how juicy some fruits can get (hello watermelon!), it would not make much sense to get your precious MacBook Air wet and sticky all over, but for argument’s sake, can your Ultrabook do the same?


I would assume unless you are driven to the brink of insanity and are facing an unprecedented cooking emergency of epic proportions, you would do well to leave such a Jackass moment to others who have plenty of money to spare, and do not mind soiling their new, slim notebook.

In fact, a person who runs a blog known as Mochrom decided to conjure up some culinary delights with his MacBook Air as the main attraction, dicing mushrooms, chopping up cabbage, peeling carrots, slicing some shrimp, slashing bacon, and even cutting apples into perfect halves – all with a degree of success, making the rest of the knives in the background turn green with envy.

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