Not content with the sound from your iPad, iPhone or iPod? Do you feel that even your high-end Bose, Shure or Audio Technica headphones don’t seem to do the trick? NuForce has the solution for you with their Icon iDo headphone amp that has been designed for iOS devices in mind.


When it comes to our digital music, for the most part the majority of listeners probably turn to the MP3 format due to its size and acceptable audio quality. There are probably more discerning users out there who prefer more audiophile grade quality files such as FLAC, and that’s what the Icon iDo will do for you. When audio is compressed, quality of the file is naturally lost in the progress, which will then result in songs sounding horrible.

The Icon iDo, when plugged to your iOS device via the dock connector, will extract the audio and converting the file into a quality into something that’s a bit more respectable. It is powered by an AC adapter which means it was probably designed for use at home. Attaching a pair of headphones to the Icon iDo will boost the power ranging from 12mW at 300Ohm to 130mW at 16Ohm. Alternatively you can also plug a set of speakers to it, and it even comes with an IR remote receiver for volume and playback adjustment. If you’re interested in picking up the NuForce Icon iDo, expect to pay $249 for the whole setup. For more information head on down to NuForce’s website.

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