Wiping your rear end after letting loose some logs with good quality toilet paper might be a pleasant experience for most of us, but do you know that it is far more environmentally friendly if you had a pipe and hose to clean up after yourself? Well, for those who think that they cannot live with toilet paper and do not think twice about the environment, here is a DIY toilet paper dispenser that actually prints out tweets or RSS feeds.

Seems to be the perfect device if you cannot seem to pry yourself away from the computer even when you need to answer nature’s call, and yet do not want to carry your tablet or smartphone to the loo. Mario Lukas is the brain behind this invention, where the entire project boasts network connectivity, with the printer using scavenged parts from old CD drives and an Arduino controller.

Hopefully the ink will dry fast, otherwise your tweets might leave an impression on your rear end instead. What happens when you get more tweets than you bargained for, and did not eat enough fruits and vegetables to move your bowels to use up all those printed tweets? The toilet’s gonna be a mess then, ain’t it?

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