Tokyo Flash always seems to attract rather unique and interesting watch designs, and this particular watch, dubbed the Trax MkII by Peter appears to be no different. According to Peter, the inspiration for the watch’s design was drawn from driven belts, such as the driven belts that tanks use to move around.

As you might have surmised from the concept drawing above, the numbers are represented by four belts, with the belts on the left signifying the hour, while the belts on the right depict the minutes. Peter has gone for the 24 hour format, although he has stated that a 12 hour format would work as well. The rocker switch in the middle will also help to indicate what time it is, as well as cycle between the various modes in the watch.

He has also designed the watch in a variety of designs and colors, all of which are pretty unique and rather eye-catching. As with most Tokyo Flash submissions, you can head on over to their website to vote for the watch whereby enough favorable votes could possibly see the watch getting made into reality! The rest of the designs can be found on Tokyo Flash’s website where you can also place your votes and ratings.

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