apple-itvThere have been plenty of Apple’s HDTV rumors floating about these days, with some suggesting that we will only see a release next year, while some optimistically believe it could be released sometime towards the end of 2012. In any case according to reports, Apple’s Vice President for internet services and software, Eddy Cue, had reportedly told an analyst that such a device from Apple is unlikely in the near future, with the main reason being that such a TV set would have to meet all of Apple’s standards regarding user experience and performance first.


It’s interesting to note that such a device was not denied, and the use of the term “near future” also carries the implication that not only such a device exists, it’s just that we won’t be seeing it anytime soon. Rumors of Apple’s HDTV started when Walter Isaacson released his biography on Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, where he quoted Jobs as reportedly saying that he had cracked the TV market. So far there have only been rumors of possible production and release dates, although no photos or components belonging to the alleged device has been seen.

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