We think it’s safe to say Google Maps is probably the most popular map tool available these days, especially on iOS due to the the many, many inaccuracies Apple Maps offers to iOS users. Considering how popular Google Maps is on iOS, it’s still a pain in the rump when you click on an address inside of an application to have it launch Apple Maps instead of Google Maps.

Google today is announcing an update to its iOS developer tools to make it easier for developers to integrate Google Maps into their applications. The updated SDK offers the ability for a developers applications to access Google Maps data to offer ground overlays, gesture control and geodesic polylines.

Google is also announcing its improved SDK can be downloaded by all iOS developers, which was only available to developers the company previously approved to be given access.

Hopefully making their new Google Maps SDK available to all iOS developers will mean less frustrated iOS users as being able to automatically open an address within Google Maps, or even completely integrating Google Maps into their application, will be something all iOS users will appreciate.

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