This basic privacy question popped up in almost everyone’s mind when Google first unveiled Glass, its much hyped wearable gadget, how exactly will our privacy be affected considering that a Glass user can easily snap or record anyone without even hinting at it. Privacy officials from six countries have written to Google, requesting privacy information related to Glass. Privacy commissioners from Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico have asked Google exactly what it will do with the data collected by Glass.

Capturing or taping someone without their consent is one of the primary concerns related to Glass, even though the device hasn’t actually been released, it has already been banned in a bar. Other similar establishments are likely to ban it as well once it publicly releases. However Google says that this product is still in its early development stages, and that they’re thinking “very carefully” about how they design Glass. Even though Google Glass looks mighty cool, there are some serious privacy implications. It will be interesting to see how Google puts everyone’s mind at ease, particularly those of the privacy officials. One thing is certain though, we can’t expect it to remove the camera.

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