So you want to be part of the green brigade, so to speak, by walking as much as possible, taking eco-friendly public transport whenever possible, going organic with your diet, and even purchasing organic cotton shirts – as long as your budget permits it, that is. Well, the Be.e scooter might be your mode of transport of choice, as it is said to come with a body that is made out of natural fiber-reinforced composites as well as sustainable materials, thanks to the efforts of Dutch designers Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya who happen to hail from design firm Waarmakers.

Yes sir the Be.e scooter is an electric scooter that is made out of plants, now how about that? Its frameless body is made from natural fiber-reinforced composites or NFC’s for short instead of the standard issue plastic and metal bits. NFCs can be said to be a ‘greener’ version of glass-fibre composites, where flax and bio-resin were used instead, resulting in a lightweight, strong and sustainable body. It carries enough juice to let you ride around for up to two hours with a 60km range, and works in cold and wet weather – it was developed and tested in the Netherlands after all, no?

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