Here we are with Nissan working on a smartwatch, where it will not go up against the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but rather, it is meant to cater for the Nismo motorsports range. Meant to be worn by daredevil, adrenaline loving racers, it will be able to keep track of a vehicle’s performance followed by an analysis. Not only that, it will also record the driver’s heart rate and social media presence. To do so, however, it will have to be hooked up to a proprietary smartphone app via Bluetooth. The Nissan Nismo Watch is nowhere near a commercial release at this point in time, but it will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this September.

Smartwatches do seem to be catching on, and who knows, they might be the next big thing. I find it rather interesting that some trends in the technology world seem to recycle themselves. Take size for instance – there was one point where the cell phone industry was looking forward to the next smallest device, and when the smartphone industry boomed, everything started to get larger and larger, until the term “phablet” was coined not too long ago. Not only that, smartphones incorporated more and more additional functions that your portable media player, pedometer, MP3 player and dedicated GPS navigation device were all rendered obsolete. Now we are asked to purchase more and more portable devices that “talk” to one another – a smartphone is accompanied by a tablet and will eventually be hooked up to a smartwatch.

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