Nissan does seem to be committed to make it a reality where autonomous vehicle technology is concerned by the time 2020 arrives. Well, we are glad to say that the Japanese auto manufacturer has managed to pick up an official license for it to start testing such smart driving systems – albeit this will happen in its home market of Japan at first. The Japanese government has already issued the first license plate for a vehicle that will feature advanced driver assist systems to Nissan, which would complete with “20-20″ numerals in order to commemorate with Nissan’s goal of delivering such features before the decade comes to a close.

It will be a specially equipped all-electric Nissan Leaf that gets the job done. Sporting half a dozen functions that will make it eligible for new license classification. Some of the features such as automatic lane centering as well as adaptive cruise control already appear on Nissan’s more luxurious range at the moment, including the high end Infiniti models. Automatic exiting for freeways, automatic lane changes, the ability to overtake a slow or stopped vehicle and to stop at red lights without requiring any driver involvement are all new systems that will need to undergo testing on Japan’s roads. Something tells me that in the future, the pinnacle mark of a self-driving car would be its ability to handle chaotic traffic situations in developing countries.

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