glassGoogle Glass can be used in a multitude of ways, some novel, some useful, and some even medical as one mom has been doing with her own pair of Google Glass. Delsa Darline has a son who was diagnosed with autism when he was just 14 months old, and she is hoping that together with Google Glass, she will be able to capture photos and videos in the moment which she hopes can then be used to share with doctors to help diagnose and treat her son. 

It started when her son, Rory, as a baby used to cry and because she did not understand what was going on, she decided to start recording videos to better understand the differences in his crying.

As she notes, there are varying levels of autism, and there is also a fine line between an autistic child having a meltdown versus a tantrum, and both require different methods of approach. Through the use of Google Glass, Darline now has a camera and video recorder on her person that can begin recording videos pretty much at a drop of a hat, versus whipping out a phone or camera and turn it on to begin recording.

With these videos she hopes that it will be useful to other parents and doctors to distinguish the difference between behaviors, as well as capture “positive moments”. It’s definitely one of the more unique ways that Google Glass has been used and hopefully it will change the perception of some who view it as an invasion of privacy, to an extremely useful tool in life.

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