Nissan is not only involved in motorsports, but they do seem to be moving in a different direction as well with the release of a new trailer that depicts a spanking new gadget which one would most probably associate with the likes of Google and NTT DoCoMo, that is, a pair of smart glasses. Before the Tokyo Auto Show kicks off, Nissan has already introduced a teaser video for their new head-mounted HUD that is known as the 3E. This is definitely a surprise, considering how Nissan did reveal a Nismo Watch concept just a couple of months ago that was meant to cater for race car drivers.

With the Nissan 3E HUD, it should be able to display vehicle performance analysis, in addition to the driver’s vital signs as well as social media presence to keep up with the times. Theoretically speaking, this might very well be one of the more affordable methods of implementing a heads up display that will keep you in tune with your set of wheels rather than the standard issue dashboard system. No idea on how much it will cost when it finally arrives, and whether it will come free with each Nissan vehicle purchase? Only time will tell.

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