Giving a body part in order to obtain something is an activity we certainly wouldn’t want to partake in, although there are people in the world who would gladly give something up for the latest and greatest piece of tech. A few years ago, we saw a teenager selling his kidney for an iPad 2, and today, we’re seeing a grown man offer his testicle for a Nissan 370Z.

Mark Parisi recently went on The Doctors, which is a TV show popular in the U.S. that offers medical advice and other tidbits throughout the program. Parisi was asked what body part he was willing to donate, which he responded “I’m going to donate one of my testicles for $35,000.” According to Parisi, $35,000 is a “standard fee” for testicles, which he would, of course, use that money to purchase the Nissan 370Z.

We’re not sure if anyone has taken Parisi’s offer to take his testicle for a cool $35,000, but one thing is for sure, having a testicle remove just to buy a car seems extremely irresponsible to us. Trust us – we love driving a really nice car, but we also like having all of our organs that we were born with in tact while we’re riding around said car.

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