The possibilities are limitless with Google Glass, doctors have demonstrated uses in surgeries and firefighters find it to be useful when up against a fiery blaze. Law enforcement agencies can also find a way to make Google Glass worth their while and that’s reportedly what the New York City Police Department is doing. NYPD’s intelligence and analytics unit is said to be conducting Google Glass beta testing, claims VentureBeat, apparently the unit has received “several pairs” of Google Glass for this purpose.

The scribe has heard from a ranking New York City law enforcement official that they’re currently trying out Google Glass to see if they hold any value during investigations, “mostly for patrol purposes,” the official is quoted as saying. Google denied that it is actively involved in beta testing with the NYPD, it said the department is likely to have acquired units through the Explorer Program, which is open to all U.S. residents over the age of 18. While its too soon to rule if Google Glass is going to be an integral part of NYPD in the future, law enforcement official says that they believe Glass can help impact patrol operations in New York City in a positive way. So far Google Glass remains exclusive to members of the Explorer Program, the company is expected to release it to the public later this year.

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