image_thumb102It looks like early rumors were right and Nokia will indeed be hosting an event of their own during Microsoft’s BUILD conference. The event is expected to unveil new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone handsets like the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 630, but is that all Nokia has to share with us at the event?

According to the invite sent out by Nokia which contains an animation in the “More” word, the “O” keeps flipping around to reveal various icons, one of which (see screenshot above) resembles that of a clock pointing at 1:50AM/PM.

Some have said that this could merely be an mirrored tick, but at the same time but there are those who speculate that it could be a hint that Nokia could unveil a smartwatch of their own at the event as well. After all the positioning of the needles is similar to most watch ads where the needles are usually positioned that way too, although most ads use the 10:10 time, not the 1:50 time.

According to earlier rumors, it would seem that Nokia might be working on a smartwatch of their own which could be released in the later part of this year. Given that Google has announced Android Wear and with companies like LG and Motorola have unveiled their own smartwatches, not to mention Apple’s rumored iWatch, we wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft/Nokia had a smartwatch of their own as well to compete with everyone else.

However this is merely speculation but what do you guys think? Is the watch icon in the invitation a hint at something more, or is it just a random icon that Nokia chose to use during the design process?

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