twittermusicAs reported the other day, Twitter has decided to give its #music service the boot. Basically what it did was provide users with a hashtag in which they could use to discover new music, sort of like Twitter’s way of helping with the music discovery process. It was a good idea but we guess Twitter decided that maybe it wasn’t very successful and canned it.

Now for those who might be a little disappointed by the move, you might be pleased to learn that according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it looks like Twitter may simply be revamping the service as opposed to dropping it entirely.

Given the popularity of music streaming services which are instrumental in helping listeners discover new music, it wouldn’t make sense for Twitter to pull out entirely, right?

The report claims that the new service will be launched with a partnership with the recently launched Beats Music streaming service and SoundCloud, a platform in which musicians and artists can upload songs to share. The report also claims that music video company, Vevo, will also have a hand in Twitter’s new #music service by offering short music video clips.

Apparently all of this will be done within the app itself, as opposed to previously where users had to have multiple accounts in order to access different parts of the service, making it a hassle which is believed to have contributed to its failure. By having tighter integration, perhaps Twitter could make it more attractive.

No word on when the revamped #music will be relaunched, if at all, so stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime does this potentially revamped #music service sound appealing to you?

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