braggiesSome selfies are simply not meant to be sent out, despite the fact that Sony has already come up with what they call the selfie phone – in the form of the Sony Xperia C3. Well, it looks like a couple of segments over at the Garoupe beach which is located in southern France will be designated as a ‘No Braggies Zones’ – which means one will no longer be able to capture selfies of themselves enjoying their time under the sun.


In other words, if you would like to brag about the beautiful sunset that is happening behind you, or sipping on your favorite poison with the rest of your friends, or simply showing off how plenty of hard work “invested” in getting that body toned to such an extent to the rest of the world, those are absolute “no nos”.

Is there a logical reasoning behind this move? Apparently, there has been a rather significant rise in the overall number of British holiday-makers who have snapped selfies of themselves having a great time, putting those photos up on social media channels. The designated ‘No Braggies Zones’ will be there for a couple of weeks thereabouts throughout the peak season in August, where it will hopefully be a place where beach loving folks need not put up with the continued snapping of photos of themselves, so that they can just soak in the warmth of the sun and enjoy the sound of crashing waves against the shore.

Beach authorities have collaborated with mobile network Three in order to enable this ban, and
Tom Malleschitz, marketing director at Three, shared, “The ban is an extreme measure, but one that we think is needed if we’re to motivate people to brag more responsibly abroad and share only the finest photos of their holidays on social media.”

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