uplocket3D printing has certainly come a long way since its early days, where we have seen custom heels churned out, in addition to an electric car (not all of the parts in that will be 3D printed of course), as well as a 3D printed UAV drone. This time around, we have a new Kickstarter campaign that will feature a device known as the UpLocket. This looks like something worth getting for your better half – whether as a gift, or as a peace offering, or simply to commemorate a special event, but the UpLocket is no ordinary heart-shaped locket.


In fact, for just $25 as a pledge, you might be able to get your hands on the UpLocket that will be 3D printed, and it will come with a NFC tag so that you are able to share photos or videos with other people.

In addition, it will arrive in various colors and designs. Assuming you do not like to wear lockets, then your interest might be redirected to the direction of the company’s other offering – something that will dangle down your ears, of course. These earrings happen to be similar to the lockets in nature, but will come in two sizes.

So far, the UpLocket has managed to garner a few hundred, which places it quite a distance away from the $5,000 goal.

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