There’s something about having someone behind the bar pouring and mixing your drinks, although this experience can be ruined by someone who does not know what they are doing and mixes you a horrible drink that can either contain too much alcohol or too little alcohol, thus resulting in a overpowering or watered-down cocktail.

Now the idea of machines mixing our drinks isn’t exactly a new one as the idea of robot bartenders has been around for a while now. That being said, if you’re after something a little more sleek and less intrusive than a huge machine sitting on your counter in the kitchen, perhaps the B4RM4N might be of interest to you.

Designed by Magnified Self, the B4RM4N is basically a smart cocktail shaker that will pair to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will work with an accompanying app. Basically the app the LED lights on the shaker will tell users how much of a particular mix to pour before moving on to the next drink.

Once the drinks are poured, a built-in accelerometer in the B4RM4N will tell the users just how much to shake the drink in order to mix it well. Like we said this is a much sleeker concept than the other robot bartenders we’ve seen, and it adds a nice human touch to the mix as well. If you like the idea, you can help fund the project by heading on over to its Kickstarter page.

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