3d-iphoneWord on the street has it that Apple might actually be developing a new kind of display – one that would offer the wonders of 3D viewing, but without the need to actually wear a pair of 3D glasses, now how about that? If this rumor were to be true, then we could be looking at a unique future smartphone that would surely make one think of the early days of the Nintendo 3DS, which is a portable game console from Japan that does not require the use of 3D glasses in order to see the 3D effect.

Apparently, Apple has been rumored to be looking into such a display technology which if it turns out to be true, it would most definitely make its way over to the next generation iPhone, and you can just imagine the potential queues that might form because of such a display making its mark.

Of course, do take this particular report with a huge pinch of salt, since such a display would most probably take up a huge chunk of the handset’s battery life, especially when you have the 3D effects turned on at full blast, not to mention will the user’s eyes be able to get used to it for long periods of time?

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