Consumer Reports is a name you might have heard of in the past with regards to testing electronic products. A few years ago, the company refused to recommend the iPhone 4 due to its antennagate scandal, although last year the company did come to Apple’s defense with regards to bendgate.

Well it looks like they are back and this time round, they have decided to put the Apple Watch through a rather scientific torture test. Now we’ve seen other tests conducted on the Apple Watch but if you’re looking for a more precise and scientific method of testing, then Consumer Reports’ video should not disappoint.

Basically in the video, they put the Apple Watch through its paces and tested out how durable its display really is. Based on their findings, it more or less confirms what we already know, and that is the Apple Watch Sport’s Ion-X  isn’t as tough as the sapphire used on the other Apple Watch models. This was confirmed previously in another scratch test video in which the Ion-X display suffered from visible damage upon being scratched by sandpaper.

They also tried to find out how accurate the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor is, which is pretty important as in the past it has been found that different devices have varying levels of accuracy. Based on their findings, it seems that the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor is pretty accurate. Consumer Reports notes that these are just their initial findings but will come back with a more detailed analysis at a later date.

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