The Paigo Smart Home Center is a new smart home system which will connect all of the smart devices in your home, it will essentially function as the brain of your smart home, and thus will become the ultimate smart home, security and entertainment device that’s bundled up in one package.


Paigo CEO and Founder Kamil Pawlak explains that this product comes in two parts, the server aka Paigo Center which centralizes all connected devices, and a remote controller that can be used to control these devices.

A companion app is also available which will allow users to control their connected devices through smartphones, anytime, anywhere.

It’s actually quite similar to the Neeo thinking remote. Paigo Center can be set up in any important location in the home, it can be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or LAN. Once the server is set up users can then install the app to discover all of the devices that can be centralized and controlled with Paigo.

After that users can select each device and assign functions, schedules and much more depending upon how the user wants each device to work. The remote controller can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks as it has a QWERTY keyboard, air mouse, speaker and microphone built-in.

Paigo is currently a project that’s seeking funds on Kickstarter. It has to achieve the goal of €100,000 before production can begin. By pledging €509 you can get in line for one of the first Paigo systems.

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