apple logoome WWDC 2015 which kicks off next week, we expect that Apple will take the wraps off several new products and services, one of them being Apple Music which is the Cupertino company’s alleged revamped music streaming service. The rumors claim that Apple has plans to charge $10 a month in subscription, with 55% of it supposedly going to the labels.

This is based on the deal Spotify has with the labels which presumably will be what Apple has planned as well. However according to a report from Bloomberg, they have heard from their sources that Apple is currently in last minute negotiations with the record labels. It seems that the labels are angling for a better deal and are said to be aiming for a 60% cut.

According to analyst Tamara Gaffney of Adobe Digital Index, “Apple has always wanted to get a lot of the share and they’re now in a negotiating situation with content manufacturers who want more of the share for themselves — it’s a really tough space.” Unsurprisingly representatives from the major labels have declined to comment on the issue.

It is unclear as to what will happen should Apple and the labels fail to come to an agreement. We can only assume that this would result in a delayed launch, similar to what has happened to the Apple TV and Apple’s TV service, both of which are rumored to have been delayed due to stalled negotiations. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but we suppose come next week we should know all the details.

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