nokia moonrakerA couple of years ago when wearable technology like smartwatches were starting to catch on, there were rumors that Nokia might have something in the works. We kept hearing about rumors of the device until one day they just stopped, presumably because Microsoft had killed the project upon acquiring the company.

Well if you were curious as to what Nokia could have had in the works, you’re in luck because thanks to Evan Blass (more affectionately known as @evleaks), he has stumbled upon an image on a Tumblr page that supposedly shows off what the Nokia smartwatch could have looked like.

Dubbed the Microsoft Moonraker, it definitely has signs of Nokia written all over it, mostly thanks to its colorful design which is something Nokia has been known for. Now if you’re wondering how real these images are, according to The Verge, they have learnt that the Tumblr website is run by a Microsoft employee Pei-Chi Hsieh.

The images shown on the page were meant to be used as marketing materials and were supposed to depict the actual device, as opposed to merely concept art. From what we can tell, the Moonraker smartwatch sounded pretty exciting. It apparently had the ability to turn on/off its display when you lifted or put your hand down. It also came with the usual smartwatch features like a remote camera function, social media connectivity, messaging apps, and more.

We doubt that we will ever see the Moonraker revived by Microsoft anytime soon, but it’s nice to know what could have been.

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