We are sure there are many out there who would love to own a smartwatch, but because they’ve probably invested thousands in a nice and more traditional Swiss timepiece that they’d rather not give that up for a smartwatch that might need charging by the end of the day. Well that’s the problem that the folks behind The Duo want to solve.

As the name implies, The Duo is a device that allows you to wear a regular watch and a smartwatch like the Apple Watch at the same time. The regular timepiece will be positioned at one end, while the Apple Watch will be positioned at the other end, so checking on either device is a simple flick of the wrist.

Essentially The Duo will attach to the clasp of your watch. However the catch here is that The Duo will only be sold together with the Barrel watch that the company is selling on its Kickstarter campaign as well. This means that for now, users will need to buy both the watch and the accessory which might work out well if you’re looking for a more traditional timepiece at the same time.

Thankfully the Barrel watch itself isn’t too expensive and according to its Kickstarter, $149 will nab you a watch and the Duo accessory at once. It’s admittedly a rather ingenious idea and if you’d like to get your hands on it, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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