The online video streaming market is very competitive and one way that these different services can better compete against each other is by offering exclusive content that users can’t find on any other service. This is the reason why we see these companies spend so much to obtain exclusive streaming rights. According to a new report Hulu is going to pay an insane amount of money to Viacom in order to get exclusive streaming rights to South Park for three more years.

Under the deal Hulu will have exclusive online streaming rights of South Park for three more years while the comedy show will also continue to air on Comedy Central for the next five years.

This is an interesting deal since it’s one of the first instances where money generated from online streaming licenses is going to underwrite current production costs.

Hulu is reportedly going to pay $192 million for these exclusive rights, even more than it paid to become the exclusive online streaming destination for Seinfeld, arguably one of the best comedy shows ever produced.

Its deals like these which will aid Hulu in competing against the likes of Netflix and ultimately establish its dominance in the market, though it’s not like as if Netflix is not spending money on some big exclusives itself.

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