Musician Alicia Keys once famously sang about how New York was a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” and to a certain extent it is true. For the most part New York is a concrete jungle but thanks to the efforts of non-profit group Lowline, it seems that New Yorkers could soon look forward to an underground park where they will be able to freely roam about the greens.


Basically what Lowline has done is that they have taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund an underground park that they are planning to build in New York. The park will rely on solar technology to help keep the plants alive and will also take up the space of an abandoned trolley station that will make use of natural light.

According to the group, ”New York City has much less green space per person than other big cities, and the Lower East Side is one of the least green neighborhoods within the city. The Lowline will add a new football-field-sized public space in a community that desperately needs it. Plus it will be awesome for generations of New Yorkers and visitors to enjoy.”

So far the group’s goal of raising $200,000 have been met which means that their lab will be a reality. This lab is important if the rest of the project is to succeed as the city of New York will be looking to see if the lab’s trial will run successfully (from September 2015 to February 2016) before deciding if the full-scale plan should proceed. In the meantime the lab is expected to be open to the public on weekends once it is complete, so you can always check it out then.

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