adeleMusic streaming appears to be the new way that we will be consuming our music in the future. After all with it not taking up storage on our phones (unless you save it for offline) and the ability to search and listen to any song you want anytime, it does seem like a very convenient solution, plus given the fact that we’re online pretty much 100% of the time, music streaming makes sense.

Unfortunately not everyone might be on board with the idea. According to a report from the New York Times, it has been suggested that Adele’s upcoming album “25” might not be available on streaming platforms. The album is due for a launch tomorrow and the rumors are claiming that the singer was personally involved in the decision whether or not to make it available on streaming platforms.

About a week, there were rumors that suggested that both Spotify and Apple Music had attempted to court her to release her album as an exclusive on their platforms, but based on this report it looks like their attempts were in vain. It is unclear why Adele is choosing to pass on streaming platforms, but considering the rates that are being offered artists, we reckon she would stand to make a lot more if she were to release it the traditional way.

Prior to this, Taylor Swift had also lambasted streaming platforms, but later changed her mind and released her album on Apple Music after the Cupertino company agreed to pay artists even during the 3-month trial period. Adele’s “25” will be released tomorrow (20th Nov) so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it will debut on any music streaming platform.

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