The idea of a smart bulb is a good one. After all being able to schedule and control your light from your phone is pretty convenient, efficient, and potentially money-saving too. However sometimes smart bulbs can be pretty expensive. For example the Philips Hue is being sold by Apple where it costs $80 just to get started.

Now if you’d rather not spend that much, you might be interested in a new smart bulb alternative in the form of Qube. This is a smart bulb that pretty much has the same basic features but costs a lot less at $19 per bulb, and you won’t need to purchase any kind of starter kit so if all you need is just one bulb, that’s all you’ll have to spend.

According to Joo Siong, co-founder and VP of products for Qube, “We recognize that existing smart bulb solutions are too expensive for consumers to reap the full benefits of smart lighting — especially because they need more than one or two bulbs to see results. With Qube, we have big plans to disrupt the smart bulb market by offering a truly affordable and smart light bulb to the masses.”

The bulb is simple to install and operate. It comes with its own built-in WiFi and will play nicely with iOS, Watch OS, and Android devices, thus allowing you to control the lights in your home wherever and whenever. It also offers up multi-colored LED lightning and as it stands, smart bulbs that offer multi-colors are pretty pricey, so at $19 Qube does seem like a steal.

At the moment the device is on Indiegogo trying to raise funds to make the product a reality, so if you’d like to get in on this, head on over for the details.

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