JLR_Home_Screen_Image_160316_01Companies creating apps for smartphones to remotely control their cars with isn’t new. However controlling your car via your smartwatch is, and to date we’ve seen many companies hop on board with the idea, such as Ford and Hyundai. Joining that list is Jaguar who has recently announced the launch of their Android Wear app.

According to Leon Hurst who is the Head of Digital and Connected Car and Product Marketing at Jaguar Land Rover, “This expansion of connectivity brings all the functionality of our Apple Watch app to Android devices and underlines Jaguar Land Rover’s dedication to its Connected Car Vision.”

In case you didn’t know, Jaguar already had a smartphone app of their own, however its Android Wear app will differ slightly in terms of functionality and what it will allow users to do. Obviously driving the car itself via the app is not one of them, but users will be able to turn the car on and adjust its air-conditioning, so if it’s a hot day you can get the car going before you reach it, ensuring that it has cooled down before you get in.

Other features include the ability to check the car’s fuel level, and also to check to see if you’ve locked the doors. It will also be able to help locate the car in a carpark if you’re a forgetful kind of person. Jaguar’s Android Wear app is expected to be released in markets in the Northern Hemisphere this summer.

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