selfie-robberSnapping selfies are supposed to be fun – but not to the point when you go somewhere dangerous and fall down two stories in an effort to get a glorified shot of yourself. Having said that, shooting a selfie when you are in the progress of robbing a place is also not a good idea at all, and it is an even worse idea to put up said selfie on social media so that all and sundry can have a look.

This is exactly what happened when a selfie taken by a Louisville man resulted in him being arrested, with accusations of him robbing the family at gunpoint also pointed in his direction. It looked like the selfie taken was uploaded onto the Snapchat account of the stolen handset, and this duly allowed the police to track the robber down.

20 year old Latroy Gaston certainly has a long way to go in figuring out how not to get caught after performing a crime. According to the police, Gaston and another two accomplices broke into a home on Wheeler Avenue asking for money from the victims who comprised of half a dozen people in the family. Wallets and cash were taken, in addition to their smartphones, and hours after the robbery, a photo of one of the robbers were posted on Snapchat and spotted by a family member. Not too bright up there, eh?

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