selfie-elevatorSnapping selfies have become such a norm these days, that if you were placed in a situation where it is said to be close to impossible to snap a good selfie, what would you do? Well, from the website of the prefecture of Zelenograd in Russia came a complaint from a lady who was not too happy that she is no longer able to snap selfies in the elevator of her apartment building.

The recent behind that complaint? Well, up till recent times, the elevator had a rather generously sized mirror hanging within, letting said lady shoot selfies. However, it was a few months back that the mirror decided to make a getaway (perhaps tired of seeing all those narcissistic, selfie loving faces each day) – or was simply taken down, and hence, the lady claimed that this made it impossible to take a good selfie photo, never mind that one is armed with a fantastic front-facing camera.

The lady complained, “All my friends have mirrors in elevators, and we have not had one for six months already. I ask you to solve the problem as soon as possible and finally hang a new mirror in the elevator.” Humorously enough, the complaint had been accepted for consideration.

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