Nokia announced a professional virtual reality camera late last year, the OZO VR Camera comes with a $60,000 price tag, making it well outside the reach of the average consumer. It’s not meant for the average consumer, it’s for studios and professional filmmakers who can afford this kind of equipment and now one major studio has signed up to use Nokia’s VR camera and that major studio is Disney.

Nokia OZO VR Camera comes with powerful features like real-time preview, wireless operation as well as full 3D 360-degree audio and video broadcasting. It features eight synchronized shutter sensors, integrated microphones, stereoscopic 3D video and spacial audio.

Disney has signed a deal with Nokia to use its VR camera to create virtual reality experiences. The studio isn’t going to make full VR movies just yet, however, it’s going to use this equipment to make experiences that complement its movies like the 360-degree cast interview for The Jungle Book.

It’s not surprising that Disney has teamed up with Nokia for this purpose. Nokia is just one of the few companies out there that’s making VR filmmaking equipment for studios and professionals. This enables Disney to build VR experiences around its movies without having to change its entire video production workflow, making life easy for the good people that work at the studio.

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