Jaguar and Tile announced a new partnership today aimed at preventing you from leaving anywhere without your wallet or other essential, personal items. Tile is a Silicon Valley-based startup that makes nifty little tags which use Bluetooth low energy and GPS technology to make it easier for people to locate objects to which they’re attached.

Tiles are small and light so they can easily be fixed to essential items like keys, smartphones, laptops, luggage and can also be easily carried inside a wallet or a purse. Since these are the items that we tend to forget the most, Tile makes it easier to locate these items as long as we have a smartphone lying around.

This technology can help drivers locate items that may have been lost inside a car. It’s easy for a phone or wallet to fall under a car seat or be forgotten in a glove box so Tiles can come handy inside the car as well.

Now that it has teamed up with Jaguar, Tile’s app is going to be featured on the InControl Apps menu on the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport. Drivers will be able to use the app to configure a list of essential items and check it using Tile every time they step inside their car.

In the future, this app will automatically remind users if they’re missing something from their essentials list. So when a driver gets inside the car and plugs in their phone, the app will automatically notify them if they forget an essential item.

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