Technology is amazing. Nowadays we have machines that a press of a button will create espresso from a pod that’s almost as good as a proper espresso machine. We also have machines that can create sodas for you from a pod, and if you own any of those machines, maybe you’d like to complement it with the Flatev.


The Flatev is a machine that also relies on pods. However it does not create beverages. Instead the Flatev creates meals, or meal if you’d rather. Basically users insert a pod and press a button, and the Flatev will be able to create a tortilla for you on the spot. Now we can’t speak to the taste of the tortilla but if anything we can’t argue about its convenience.

The pods are a one-off use just like we’ve seen from other pod-machines, and it will only accept Flatev-approved tortilla pods, which have to be refrigerated due to its contents. It’s a pretty clever idea but like we said, we have no idea what the taste will be like or how close it will actually come to the real thing, but it is highly convenient and a great way to get some breakfast if you’re rushed for time.

Unfortunately the Flatev does not come cheap. Right now it retails for $199 and will come with a batch of tortilla dough, but this is for super early birds who back the project on Kickstarter. Those who are later to the party can expect to pay its retail price which is set at $437 with pods priced at $0.79 each. If you’d like to learn more or pledge your support, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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