For coffee lovers out there, you know that just the smell of coffee brewing or beans roasting is almost as good as drinking the drink itself. This is why back in 2014, designer Joshua Renouf decided to create a device he called the Barisieur, which is basically an alarm clock that will begin brewing coffee to help get you ready for your day when you wake up.


The device was originally a pet project for the designer, but the good news is that it has now been launched on Kickstarter, which means that you could eventually get your hands on the alarm clock as well. The Barisieur is somewhat self-contained. It comes with a tank where you keep the water, it also features a stainless steel base that heat up to boil the water.

It will also come with a milk vessel for those who prefer their coffee with a splash of milk, and there’s even a sealed drawer with a removable divider where you can keep your sugar (and separate them into brown and white, depending on your preference). The coffee brewed is the pour-over style, so if you wanted something like an espresso shot then maybe this isn’t for you.

From what we can tell, the design of the Barisieur has not changed much since its unveiling in 2014, although it does appear that there is a white variant if you prefer that look. The project is seeking £380,000 in funding and at this time of writing, it is almost a third there at £114,655. If you’d like to learn more, check out the video above or hit up its Kickstarter page to pledge your support.

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