boston dynamicsFor those unfamiliar with Boston Dynamics, they’re a robotics company who seems to specialize in creating four-legged animal-like robots. Google had acquired the company back in 2013 but earlier this year, word had it that Alphabet (Google’s parent company) was planning on selling off the division.

Turns out that we might have a buyer, or at least someone who is close to sealing the deal. A recent report from Tech Insider has revealed that Japanese carmaker Toyota is close to finalizing a deal that would take Boston Dynamics off Alphabet’s hands. Apparently the reason for the sale, at least back then when it was being considered, was that there was a lack of a marketable product.

We suppose in terms of the advancement of robotics, Boston Dynamics has certainly done a good job, but in terms of actual commercially-viable products that might be the result of their research, it’s hard to see what they might be able to come up with. From what we’ve seen, their creations seem to be more catered towards military or emergency personnel use, where their robots are capable of traversing terrain humans might have a hard time with.

The report claims that Toyota Research will be the one that will be acquiring the company, which makes more sense that the car making division. No word on when it is expected to be finalized, but we’ll keep you guys updated.

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