iPhone6s-4Color-RedFish-PR-PRINTIf you’re looking to save yourself some money, we can suggest that maybe you can skip this year’s iPhone. This is because if you think you can hold out until next year, perhaps that is when upgrading will be more worth it, especially if the rumors are true about 2017’s iPhone sporting a brand new design.

In addition to the brand new design, 2017’s iPhone is also rumored to be including a piece of technology that many have been asking Apple for, and that is the use of OLED screens. Now according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, it seems that both Samsung and Sharp are getting ready to ramp up production of these displays for next year’s iPhone.

Rumors of an OLED iPhone aren’t new, although for the most part many of the rumors have suggested that this will only take place in 2018. However the recent report has corroborated the claims that we could see a “partial 2017 release”, whatever that means, and that both Samsung and Sharp will be involved in the production process.

As it stands the Apple Watch is pretty much the only Apple product that uses an OLED display, although if the rumors are true, this year’s MacBook Pro could also see the use of OLED in the form of a touch panel that will replace the function keys.

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